Saturday AM goes to ALA (The American Library Association)

We are back party people! This past weekend our CEO Frederick L. Jones and our two star artist Jeyodin and Whyt Manga made their appearance at ALA.

What’s ALA, you ask? The American Library Association is a nonprofit organization based here in the United States, their goal is to promote library education internationally. The association also gives out various book and media awards annually mainly in the Young Adult and Children genre. The Caldecott Winner of 2022 was Andrea Wang, author of the title Watercress. Congrats to Andrea Wang!

Lets dive into our experience at ALA!

Saturday AM had our very own booth promoting our graphic novel line with The Quarto Group. There we spread the word of Saturday Am’s mission of diversity and inclusivity and it was a ton of fun! We had our own panel and book signing to further the message and experience as we ready ourselves for July 12th. That’s right our graphic novels will be in US bookstores. According to Frederick, Whyt and Jey they enjoyed their experiences at the convention.

“The best show I’ve been to in the last 15 years! it was really rewarding and a warm experience – because so many of the librarians, who the show caters to, already love the books.  This means our time was spent talking about the books and what makes them special, instead of needing to convince the audience of what makes our brand great.

That was so unique to ALA, opposed to shows that are more consumer focused such as E3, Anime expo, or Comic Con – their main objective is selling the consumers on the various brands.  That is a much more difficult  situation when you have so many big companies with lots of money, and anime backing up their  titles to reach consumers first. So I loved this shows intimacy and hope that it will create the momentum, that we are seeing in many places, for the library circuit so our books can reach even more young people.”

– Fredrick Jones

“It was an amazing experience connecting with librarians from all over the country spreading Saturday AM’s mission.”

Whyt Manga

“This experience was incredible. I’m glad I was able to see Saturday AM’s brand speak to so many people.”



Get your wallets ready for July 12th people, I want to see your photos, reviews, and your tears when you purchase one of our books! Where will Saturday AM pop up next? Stay tuned to find out!

You can check more about ALA and their Upcoming events here:


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