Saturday AM goes to Baltimore Comicon 2022!

What's up people! I am back with another Saturday AM update! And this is a juicy one!!!
This past week a few of our Saturday AM crew headed to Baltimore to represent the brand. We had dark fantasy artist Pap Souleye Fall, Yellow Stringer co-creator G. J Louis, False Hoods creator Frank Simmonds and the top man himself Frederick L. Jones!

Baltimore Comicon was a first for a few of the Saturday AM crew. We were also accompanied by members of the Quarto Group so it was a blast! Fans were able to get a first look at Clock Striker (coming to a store near you), Hammer Vol. 2, and Apple Black Vol. 2! We were also blessed with a live broadcast via our Instagram page @Saturday_am where you were given the chance to ask each creator questions.

We wanted to dig deeper and get everyone’s personal experience so let see what each one had to say:

Pap Souleye: “It was my first time at a comic con and it was amazing to share it with Saturday Am. Seeing the hard work of all the other creators was really inspiring. I could feel the broder community of creators and it felt really welcoming. I even got to meet some people irl who I met through ig.”

Frank Simmonds: “Though it was just one day, it was worth it. Meeting Pap and Goeffrey was a great surprise, and don’t forget Frederick himself, Karama, Mel, and Sam. I got to know what they like and what is inspiring between all of us. I am proud to say they are what friends should be. Baltimore is where I live, and the city comic con is always a source of inspiration due to its heavy artist who vendor focus, but as a creator of art myself, I spend a long time making, and no time with personal interaction with fans and fellow creative people, let alone directly help them. Saturday at the end of October meant more to say than time to describe it in. I am hopeful for what Saturday AM has planned to do now that I’ve seen what professionalism looks like in person from them, including if you throw in the humor and side stories.”

G.J. Louis: “Baltimore comicon was a blast! It was exciting to meet people like Frederick, papsouleye and Frank as well as Mel and Sam from quarto. Of course the best feeling was meeting fans of Saturday am that bought Yellow Stringer Vol. 1 there and got it signed by me. It’s another experience that makes me realize how big Saturday AM’s reach is and I’m happy to be a part of them.”

Can’t get enough? Where will Saturday AM pop up next?! Stay tuned to find out!

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