Saturday AM Graphic Novel Round Up!

The block is HOT! And I don’t mean Lil Wayne, ladies and gents. If you didn’t know Saturday AM came out with an extensive graphic novel line with some heavy hitters. You can find our books online and in-store, Books-a-million, Amazon, Thriftbooks, and Alibris (for a discounted price), and many others.

I’m not here to advertise too much, I’m here to talk sh*t because I can and I said what I said. Saturday AM is shaking the table, the girls are scrambling to keep up, and the industry is full of panic as we pave the way with diversity. We couldn’t thank every one of you enough as we see the reviews and the pictures of our products in your hands and on your shelves. We went even further to have a few of our superstars Whyt Manga and Jeyodin appear at San Diego Comic-Con for book-signing and to discuss Saturday AM’s mission dynamic mission. 

Might I add that Clock Striker, Shonen’s very first black female protagonist, and Oblivion Rouge an all-black cast are on a bookshelf near you?

The turnout for the graphic novels was amazing! We are a small company yet our impact is gigantic. Most of our books are sold out across bookstores and a currently waiting for restock! We have more in store for our supporters so please stay tuned! Until next time folks!

Want to Purchase the books? Get them right here!

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