Saturday AM Graphic Novelist: Geoffery Jean-Louis

Welcome fellow readers! Meet our second batch of graphic novelists, Geoffery Jean-Louis is the mastermind behind Yellow Stringer. Think Courage the Cowardly Dog meeting Detective Conan and you have this hidden gem. If you like the supernatural with a taste of suspense, look forward to this graphic novel in a store near you!

Are you eager for the readers to learn about you and your novel? 

Extremely. There were a lot of things that had to be changed to get this book printed, and I think the book looks fantastic! I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it.

What are you feeling, knowing you’ll have a novel published?

It feels unreal. I’ve wanted to make manga since middle school. I didn’t even think that it would’ve been possible to get to this point with some major life changes. I’m happy that the short I made 5 years ago reached Fredrick’s eyes and I got to work with him to get to this point.

Tell us about the research you did for your story. Did you use some sort of mythology or history? 

Yeah! I have a passing interest in the supernatural so a lot of it came from YouTube, manga, and novels. Most of the research I did was for myths and monsters, old and new.

How long did it take you to complete the first volume? 

I think Yellow Stringer started in 2017? I was pretty infrequent in the first year or two of the manga until I started working with Fredrick, so I’d say 2-3 years.

How was the writing process and what was the hardest part about it? 

It was fun, but stressful being unable to see how the story would play out before I drew it. The hardest part was trying to end the story. I find it hard to create climactic endings.

You can PREORDER volume 1 here:

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