Saturday AM Graphic Novelist: Oscar Fong

Welcome fellow readers! Meet our second batch of graphic novelists, Oscar Fong creator of the stellar series The Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts. Picture Digimon crossing over into the world of Sword Art Online and you have one explosive story. If you’re hyped for this graphic novel, look forward to seeing it in a bookstore near you!

What’s it like having your first published book?

Since the moment I started working on the MMWOG comic series, I have been looking forward to the day when we finally have the first volume of the series published. But as excited as I am to have my series getting published, I’m also rather nervous as to how well it will do once it become published and available in shops. I don’t know how well it will do but I hope this book can reach as many people as it can.

How does it feel to know that readers may able to learn about you and your book on a shelf? 

Up to now our series has only been available through digital platform, so to be able to pick up the series as a physical book I can only hope they will be just as excited as I am when it comes to being able to read the series like a good ol book in your hand. Flipping through pages admiring the cool art on the go. Just like how I used to discover comic books back in the day.

How long did it take you to complete the first volume?

From the first chapter to the last chapter made available in the first volume. I’d say about 3 years in the making.  It’s likely we could have had our first volume completed earlier, but we felt a climatic ending of the arc would be more fitting for our 1st volume.

 How much research went into formulating your story? 

It’s difficult to say if we do enough or not enough. We try to do as much research as we can to probably portray different cultures, story plots, character designs. If anything we’ve done bit more videogame research than anything else as that is a major theme in the story of MMWOG.

Can you tell us some mythology or history you’ve used? What was the most difficult thing about writing this story?

Mythology is a big part of world of MMWOG and are used as inspirations for a myriad of characters and mostly ghost designs and although we don’t have as many in the first volume. I’m sure readers will be seeing plenty more in future chapters. I could say something about Daedalus Bonn’s inspiration from mythology but that may be a spoiler.

As for the most difficult part of writing I say is knowing how we’ll progress with the story. Throughout our writing process Frederick and I will share ideas together but usually end up with different plots by the time we start drawing it up. It’s can be like a rollercoaster that suddenly changes course. It’s can be tricky but surprisingly we make it work.

You can PREORDER volume 1 here:

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