Saturday AM Graphic Novelist: Papsouleye Fall

Welcome fellow readers! Meet one of our four graphic novelists, Papsouleye Fall the man behind the scifi-horror hit series Oblivion Rouge. Let’s get the scoop on Pap’s upcoming graphic novel. If  Pap’s work has piqued your interest, look forward to his graphic novel in a store near you!

Whats it like having your first published book?

It’s one of those waves you gotta keep riding. I feel like it’s when you are about to try a trick on your skateboard and adrenaline kicks in and it all feels like that moment was stretched out but it only lasted like a second. So far it’s been amazing and I’m living through it happy as can be.


How does it feel to know that readers may able to learn about you and your book on a shelf?

I think about all those times I went to the manga section and imagined my book being there amongst all the others. So many times I go to pick up one book and I come back with double the amount. It feels like such a big step and it is necessary. It raises the bar in a good way!

How long did it take you to complete the first volume?

It took me 7 months to complete the volume including the edits we had to do to make. I loved every step of the journey.

How much research went into formulating your story? Can you tell us some mythology or history you’ve used?

Yes! Ive been researching the Ibo from north Nigeria and some of Sudan. They’re belief system sees souls in all things. Objects have souls and people have access to those places. This philosophy is at the core of OR. I’ve also looked at a lot of colonial history in west Africa and some of the ways in which the French specifically implemented their regime for it to last so long. It seems it’s an endless loop of promises. These sorts of ideas come into how I structure the world of OR.


What was the most difficult thing about writing this story?

Time. This is one of the most important aspects of storytelling in my opinion. Pacing is something that is rarely talked about but it makes a huge difference. I think each artist and storyteller has their own way of handling it. I think that’s why it hasn’t been spoken about too much. It’s something I’m still trying to perfect.

You can PREORDER volume 1 here:


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