Saturday AM Graphic Novels Reviewed: ProfOtaku

We have another killer review coming your way. YouTube personality, ProfOtaku, has taken a deep dive into some of our most beloved graphic novels. We’re thrilled to report that he has ventured into the stunning and diverse worlds we’ve carefully crafted, exploring the first volumes of our esteemed lineup, including UNDERGROUND by JR De Bard, TITAN KING by Tony Dawkins, OBLIVION ROUGE by Pap Souleye Fall, MMWOG by Oscar Fong and Frederick L. Jones, HAMMER by Jeyodin, HENSHIN! by Bon Idle, GUNHILD by Fred Tornager, CLOCK STRIKER by Issaka Galadima and Frederick L. Jones, and APPLE BLACK by Whyt Manga.

This Youtuber’s insightful commentary and comprehensive reviews on our titles were inspiring – you can tell he took his time reading through each book. Ready to watch ProfOtaku’s fantastic reviews? The video can be watched just below!

we highly recommend you check out ProfOtaku’s channel HERE for these and many more insightful reviews!

To ProfOtaku: Keep doing your thing! We’re all here eagerly waiting for your next video.

As always, you can check out all these titles as well as others HERE. That’s it, for now, NovelNerds! Stay tuned there are more exciting updates, and remember – keep the pages turning!

Happy reading!

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