Saturday AM Interviews Blizzard Concept Artist Airi Pan!

Saturday AM writer Alexis Stokes had a lovely chat with artist Airi Pan. In the interview  Airi talks about her inspirations, process, and her career at Blizzard!

Thank you for collaborating with us, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself?


“Thanks for having me! My name’s Airi Pan, and I am a concept artist working in the entertainment industry and someone who just likes drawing in general. Also, an avid supporter of breakfast food.” 


Your art is breath-taking, it has a way that blends, colors, and emotions and story-telling. Is that what you are trying to convey in your art?

“I’m honored to hear it! I think at the end of the day, I want to convey an idea or emotion through any of my pieces or designs. Growing up, I loved seeing anything illustrated from Peter Rabbit books all the way to the beautiful portraits of masters like John Singer Sargent. Looking at Peter Rabbit, or Frog and Toad, made me feel so happy and made life feel simple, while great masters like Sargent, Dean Cornwell, made me feel so impressed and awed. I hope one day my art can make someone feel something, or just anything :)”

To read the FULL INTERVIEW check it out in Issue #150 here: or download the APP here:

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