Saturday AM Interviews: Michael Cerasoli

Saturday AM sat down with dynamic cosplayer Michael Cerasoli to discuss confidence in cosplaying and his experience in the Cosplayer Community. Let’s get to it.

We asked Michael what inspired him to begin cosplaying and who were a few of his influences.

“I’ve always been inspired by my favorite TV shows and films! When I was a kid I would put together costumes and direct and act in home movies with my friends based on characters I liked. The first character I made a costume for was Danny Phantom in the second grade!”

Michael is also an actor and photographer, we wanted to know more about his experience and any upcoming collaborations he might have in the works.

“I have some exciting collaborations coming up! I work with other cosplayers every week as an event performer and embody characters like Spider-Man to entertain children and adults alike! The upcoming collab I’m most excited for is a childhood friend of mine who is going to become the MJ to my Spider-Man.”

The cosplay community is a huge space full of different personalities, social statuses and experiences alike, we asked Michael what’s the highs and lows of the cosplay community.

“It can be tough at times! I’ve stayed up all night trying to finish making props, costume pieces, or do my composite edits. It can be so frustrating when something isn’t turning out the way you pictured, and it can sometimes break the bank. But it’s an amazing feeling to take pride in how hard you’ve worked on everything once it all comes together.”

You can read the rest of this stellar interview in our latest issue here:

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