Saturday AM Interviews Vixen: NYC Creative Team!

Saturday AM had the chance to interview the masterminds behind one of DC’s first webtoon comics called Vixen:NYC.

Starring one of DC’s most iconic black female characters! Lets get the dets! We talk about the difficultly of crafting a webtoon, character designs and more!

With these very successful DC COMICS
with WEBTOON, what’s next for you two?
Will there be more VIXEN: NYC? Are there other DC characters you’d love to make a webtoon for? And finally, how excited are you for the story to be
collected as a print graphic novel?

JASMINE WALLS: Vixen: NYC has concluded for the moment, but it was such a great project to work on, with the most amazing team, l’d love the chance to work on another with WEBTOON and DC! I am so, so excited to see this comic in print and hold it in my hands (l’II have to find a way for Manou
to sign my copy!) It’s been an awesome experience to work on and to see how much people have loved the series. I also have an original graphic novel coming out this October called BROOMS, about young witches and illegal broom racing in an alternate 1930s Mississippi, which I worked on with
the incredibly talented To DuVall.

Continue reading this interview here in Issue #158!

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