Saturday AM: What is a PILOT manga?

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Last month, Saturday AM quietly (a rarity for us) launched their new program dubbed PILOT manga. The concept is simple. Short multi-issue arcs for new webcomic creators to test out their ideas to the coolest action manga fans on the planet–our subscribers! These properties are EXCLUSIVE and come from talent that we have noticed either via Deviantart, direct submission or through non-webcomic channels. 

Future PILOT MANGA will feature dynamic webcomic personalities as Tony Saavedra.

Just as we do for SATURDAY AM — we look for TALENT, PROFESSIONALISM and ORIGINALITY. This is not a contest like Weekly Shonen Jump’s Hop Step award — but we will certainly scrutinize concepts and submissions.

YES! We are looking for talent for this new sub-line and so if interested STAY TUNED! Our new SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES will be available within 2 weeks!

In the meantime–check out Ken No Kendama by subscribing to Saturday AM! At just $5.00, you can subscribe today and get issue #4 and the previous 3 issues and be guaranteed to get the 5th issue which will have the FINAL chapter of this exciting new manga concept.

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Ken, a 13 year old boy who’s only skill is kendama, stumbles upon an old kendama toy when helping an elderly neighbour do some cleaning. In curiosity, he decides to do a few tricks when suddenly he is brought into the world of Kendama. There he is asked by the Queen to help save their land from a mocking game intruder. Agreeing to help, Ken suits up to learn what it takes to win in the realm of Kendama. But, a battle may prove to be harder to win when the odds twist in an unforeseen direction.


About Author: Hyoukyo

Hyoukyo is the creator of manga webcomic, VIRUS 000. Incredibly talented–her line work is distinctive in that it is soft, exact and yet still offers tremendous range in character design. We will be speaking to this powerful new artist soon but in the meantime, marvel at her awesome COMATOSE image (Wally Nguyen is a helluva artist but this takes Jack Phoenix’s TRAVELLER persona to a vivid, sexy place).

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