Saturday AM Round Up: 02/24/24 Clock Striker Sandisk Event, Comics Pro 2024, and MORE!

Hey everybody I know it’s been a while – haven’t done a Saturday AM Round up in FOREVER.  So much has been happening in and around Saturday AM that it felt like the perfect time to start up the weekly downloads again.  That’s right folks were back in business baby!

Well without further ado lets get right into it!

Clock Striker x Sandisk: The Kickoff Event

This past weekend SanDisk  hosted an event welcoming Saturday AM and other Black entrepreneurs to launch their new SSD. The spotlight was on the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD – Afrofuturism Edition, featuring artwork by Issaka Galadima and the character CAST from Clock Striker. check out our recent blog post where we go into further detail HERE. The event boasted notable attendees like NFL legend Jerry Rice, celebrity photographer Robert Ector, Black Boy Create founder David George, and visionary fine artist Nicole Dixon. The event was a huge success, attended by Saturday AM founder Frederick L. Jones. A big thank you to Sandisk and Brian Prejean for this fantastic product. The SSD is now available for purchase at Best Buy HERE.


Comicspro 2024: Discussions Future Plans for Saturday AM

Frederick has been super duper busy this month with traveling and attending some amazing events – including this years ComicsPro.  This Annual event brings comics stores, comics professionals, and more together for a few days of industry discussion, new product launches.  These big wigs get to rub elbows with the likes of Kodansha, Yenpress, SquareEnix, and Rocketship.  and more importantly share drinks and laughs during this incredibly fun weekend.  Stay tuned as Fred will definitely share more details about all the fun he had during this weekend.


Summer of Manga 2024: Big changes ahead!

Did you see!? Recently a cryptic post popped up on Saturday AM’s social media about our annual Summer of Manga Event.  What are these new changes? What can participants expect? Well, we can’t tell just yet but make sure to stay locked in on our socials to find out more about what’s to come!


Satuday AM Issue 163

SATURDAY AM 163 launches for #BlackHistoryMonth with a thrilling lineup: CLOCK STRIKER’s comeback with Issaka Galadima’s stunning cover, new chapters of HAMMER and MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER WORLD OF GHOSTS, plus returns of TITAN KING and PARADISE DOWN. Featuring an amazing interview by Alexis Stokes. Don’t miss out—READ NOW!


That about wraps it up folks.  We have so many exciting things on the horizon that we can’t wait to share.  But until next time have a great weekend! PEACE


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