Saturday AM Round Up: 03/11/23 Hammer Vol. 3 Release, International Women’s Day, Apple Black Vol. 4 Reveal, and MORE!

That’s right folks time for another Saturday AM Round up.  I’m here to fill you in on this weeks news and announcements for us at Saturday AM – this week was eventful to say the least. Let’s jump into it!

Jungle Kingdom Awaits: Hammer Volume 3 Is Here!

The awaited day has finally arrived for our hero Stud’s journey to continue! The story picks up where Hammer Vol. 2 left off.

In this Volume Stud finds himself in the Jungle Kingdom and soon becomes the target of the king due to his possession of the Kingdom Maps. He searches for a way to return home but is sidetracked when his bag is stolen.

With the help of his ally Brymm, he sets out to retrieve it, but she also needs his assistance in saving her kingdom in the future. As Stud races against time to recover his bag, he must also decide how to prioritize his own goals with those of his ally. This volume is full of action, and adventure as Stud faces new challenges in the Jungle Kingdom!

Buy Hammer Vol. 3 HERE


Happy International Women’s Day!

This past week on 03/08 was International Women’s Day we celebrate and honor the amazing women all around the world and all of their achievements and contributions.  the amazing illustration above was done by Kristina Andabak, creator of Grimmheim.  We’re proud to say we have so many incredible women who work here at Saturday AM as well. so here to all of you! *raises glass*

Check out our amazing female creators HERE


Apple Black is Back! Sano Faces An Impossible Choice

And the hits keep coming! This week Whyt Manga and Saturday AM revelaed the cover for Vol. 4 of Apple Black which looks so bad a** we’re so excited to dive into this one!

In Apple Black Vol. 4, Sano, the world’s savior and bearer of the Arodihs arm, faces a daunting task. He must rid the world of the Infinite Night, an eternal night of chaos, while grappling with the fear that his power, could either save the world or destroy it.

With the help of his fellow sorcerers, Sano must uncover the secrets of his father’s research on rejuvenating the effects of Black in bloodlines. However, as he seeks to walk away from revenge and towards forgiveness, the cost of Arodihs’s help may forever change how Sano and others see him.

This one is sure to be a wild ride! Apple Black Vol. 4 releases November 7th, 2023

Pre Order Apple Black Vol. 4 HERE


Discover the World of Diverse Manga with Saturday AM’s Virtual Event

Come join us on Sunday March 26th from 2pm till 3:30pm est (VIRTUAL EVENT) for MANGA REIMAGINED with SATURDAY AM – courtesy of @wcplonline! This event will feature our top authors – courtesy of quarto kids. you’ll meet the likes of Whyt Manga (APPLE BLACK), Jey Odin (HAMMER), Bonidle (HENSHIN!), Fred Tornager (GUNHILD), and company founder Frederick L. Jones, creator of one of their most popular series CLOCK STRIKER.

Join us to discuss building diverse manga, time management, character designs and ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS!

Register HERE


A Conversation About the Movement of Diverse Stories

Recently an article ran in Diversity in Action Magazine Written by Amy Meadows. In the article she speaks on the current efforts made by entertainment companies such as; Marvel, DC and Saturday AM to Champion Diverse stories and creators.

Saturday AM has known this from the very beginning and has worked this idea into the it’s core values and it’s very brand. Our CEO and founder Frederick L. Jones was featured along side Anne Lands, publisher of The Quarto Group in this article to talk about their history in this fight for inclusivity.

This was such a good read! It’s becoming more and more apparent how important it is for inclusion to be at the forefront to enrich the creativity of these stories.

Read the Full Article HERE


Learn a Thing or Two: Jey Odin’s 4 Step Guide and Reading YOUR COMICS!

The incredibly talented Jey Odin, creator of Hammer, breaks it down for us – and I’m not talking on the dance floor. He has constructed a 4 step guide on making comics/manga.  He further explains in the video BELOW.


That’s not all Jey has also recently announced that every Friday he will be reading YOUR COMICS LIVE. If you want to see your comics read and maybe even receive some feed back go follow him on Twitter or Instagram to submit yours.


Welp that’s all for this Saturday Folks.  Thanks for dropping by to check out our weekly news – and check out last weeks post HERE if you missed it.  Till next time, Bye!


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