Saturday AM Round Up: 03/18/23 Hammer Vol. 4, Neo Magazine, and MORE!

Another Saturday is here – you know what that means.  Time for the weekly news round up! This week has been another one full of gold so you’re in for a treat.  Lets get into it!

Hammer Vol.4 Reveal – The Clash Between Stud and the Jungle King!

Right on the heels of Hammer Vol. 3 Stud is back for more action packed adventures.

In Hammer, Volume 4, having already landed a hit on the Jungle King, Stud boldly asks for his stolen bag back; but once Brutus gets serious, Stud’s fighting chances begin to dwindle. Brutus is determined to keep that bag so he can use the maps to find and exact revenge on the genie who killed his son, whereas Stud is determined to get his bag back because it’s the only link between him and his friends in the Ocean Kingdom.

During their arduous battle, Stud’s ally Brymm interrupts and comes to his aid, while Stud wonders whether he’ll be able to return the favor and help Brymm save her kingdom. Will Stud ever get his bag back? Is Stud going to help Brymm in the future? Will the Jungle King ever avenge his son’s death?

We can’t wait to see how Stud get’s out of this one. Mark your calendars – Hammer Vol. 4 hits bookshelves November 7th, 2023

Pre Order Hammer Vol. 4 HERE


Saturday AM Is In NEO MAGAZINE AGAIN!!! — Clash of the Titans

That’s right baby, back again in Neo Magazine! Highlighting the very talented Tony Dawkins and his series Titan King.   The article covered Titan King’s story thus far, and his amazing artwork. They even had a chance to speak with the man himself; he expressed his inspirations, excitement about working with Saturday AM and his new graphic novels.

“It’s a blessing. What Frederick Jones
has created is a community of people who can pursue
their dreams of creating manga in a dynamic way that
few other brands / companies offer. To be clear, it’s a
lot of hard work and sacrifice but it truly feels like the
work we do means something to so many people and
is blossoming into something beautiful.”

Check out the full article in issue 228 of Neo Magazine HERE


Pre Order Titan King Vol. 2 HERE


Alert Barnes & Noble Sale!!


Just in case you didn’t hear Barnes & Noble is having an exciting deal going on through the end of March. All Manga, Anime, books, DVDs and Blu-rays are BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF. We posted about it recently HERE as well, but just in case you missed it here’s another reminder!

Check Out Our lineup Over At Barnes & Noble HERE 


Saturday Am Graphic Novels in Walmart – We need YOUR HELP

Since we’ve launched our Graphic Novels we have popped up in a lot of major book stores like Barnes & Noble, and Book-a-Million.  We’ve even got our books in the multinational retail corporation WALMART.

We’ve discovered that not every location has them but we’d like to figure out which ones do; that’s where you come in.  A post went up recently asking fans to visit their local Walmart and let us know if you’re able to find our Graphic Novels there.


How To Draw Diverse Manga 2 – What would YOU want to See??

Creating How to Draw Diverse Manga was a significant milestone for us as it provided a pivotal opportunity to showcase our mission of guiding artists and creators in imbuing their characters with their distinctive identities.  Guess what, we’re not done yet! We are hard at work behind the scenes getting things ready for our SECOND BOOK. We’d like to hear from YOU – what would you want to see in the next book?


That’s all for this week Folks.  Like always make sure to come back next week if you want to hear more about what we have going on at Saturday AM. Check out Last Weeks post HERE. Till next time folks, PEACE!

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