Saturday AM Round Up: 03/25/23 Manga Reimagined Virtual Event, Gunhild Vol.1, and MORE!

Discover the World of Diverse Manga with Saturday AM’s Virtual Event

Just a friendly reminder folks TOMORROW is the big day.  Our virtual event is happening on Sunday between 2 – 3:30 PM EST

This event will feature our top authors – courtesy of quarto kids. you’ll meet the likes of Whyt Manga (APPLE BLACK), Jey Odin (HAMMER), Bonidle (HENSHIN!), Fred Tornager (GUNHILD), and company founder Frederick L. Jones, creator of one of their most popular series CLOCK STRIKER.

Join us to discuss building diverse manga, time management, character designs and ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS!

Register HERE


Chasing Divinity: Gunhild’s Epic Odyssey for Godhood

Fan Art by Tony Dawkins

In little over a week, on April 4th, 2023, get ready to meet Gunhild, the fire Jotun who’s determined to become a real-life god – despite everyone thinking she’s crazy. In this brand new manga, you’ll follow Gunhild’s epic adventure through the world of Norse mythology, as she fights against all odds to prove her worth and achieve her dreams.

Abandoned by her own kind and raised in a human girls’ orphanage, Gunhild wishes to prove to her peers that she’s more than a little troublemaker. Every step of the way, it becomes clear that Gunhild must fight for what’s right and follow her own sense of justice, seeing as no one else will fight for her.

Gunhild isn’t your typical manga heroine. She’s quirky, she’s stubborn, and she refuses to back down – even when the entire world is against her.  We can’t wait to dive deep into this story full of Norse mythology, magic, and gods. DON’T MISS OUT!

Pre Order Gunhild Vol. 1 HERE


An Unlikely Duo, Even Death Can’t Pull Them Apart: DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD

We’re excited to announce, “DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD”, written and illustrated by the amazing Argentina artist farofaro.draws! This short story is a unique and intriguing tale of an unexpected friendship between a young streetsmart girl and a zombie!

We’re thrilled to have farofaro.draws join us in our next SATURDAY AM ANNUAL (2024), releasing this Oct 2023, courtesy of our collaboration with quartokids. This incredible artist’s unique storytelling style is sure to leave you wanting more!

So, keep an eye out for DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD in our upcoming release and get ready to be swept away!

Pre Order Saturday AM Annual 2024 HERE


Dropping Knowledge Bombs: Our Ceo Speaks On Our Success, and the Hate

Recently, our CEO and Founder, Frederick L. Jones, hosted a live chat on our IG page where he talked about some exciting upcoming events and releases, including the launch of Summer of Manga on April 7th. However, the main focus of the chat was to address the trolls that have resurfaced again. Saturday AM is familiar with harassment and has dealt with it in the past. During the live stream, Frederick shared stories from past experiences and dropped some valuable gems on what it takes to succeed in the manga/comic industry. The full video of the live stream is available below for you to check out.


Whyt Manga in the Hospital!?

A few days ago whyt posted on his IG a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed.  The internet was abuzz after seeing the photo wondering “what’s going on?” We’ll rest assured folks Whyt is a-okay.  He Promised to share more details with everyone at a later date; so no worries.

In the meantime make sure you continue to show him love and support by checking his every growing collection of graphic novels.

View The Collection HERE


It’s that time again folks! Jey went live on Friday and reviewed more of YOUR COMICS. He read Saviors of Pumpkin Town by @cole_chambue, Guerdon Virus by @legendary_mojo, and Mizuchi  by @zkingdre this week. If you didn’t catch the live stream check out the recording below.  Don’t forget to check out Jey’s Youtube Channel and follow him on Twitter or Instagram to submit yours.

That’s it for this week in news! stay tuned because we definitely have more in store.  Thank you all for stopping by, and if you haven’t check out last weeks post HERE.  Till next time folks – have a good weekend!

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