Saturday AM Round Up: 04/01/23 March Art Madness, Brand New Issues, and MORE!

Happy Saturday everybody! Welcome to our weekly roundup.  In case you’re new here this is where we share all the Saturday AM news of the Week.  I regret to inform you all that this is going to be our last post ever.. PSYCH!! I couldn’t resist haha.  As long as I’m still breathing and Saturday AM is doing it’s thing you’ll be getting these posts- that’s my dedication to you *wink*

Well lets jump into it!


March Art Madness 2023: Fan Art for our Fans!

If you aren’t already aware we are hosting our annual March Art Madness – however there’s a TWIST this year.  Instead of our usual event where we have artists from all around the world participating in weekly drawing prompts/challenges, this year, we are bringing the fan art to you PERSONALLY. That’s right our very talented Saturday AM artists are drawing art based on your VOTES.  Who would you like to see our characters face off against? Naruto, luffy, Ichigo, you name it. VOTE NOW BEFORE APRIL 3RD 11:59PM EST



Summer of Manga Goes SUPER SIZED!

Yes folks we are doing our SUMMER OF MANGA event this year – no need to worry.  It was recently announced by our CEO Frederick L. Jones during his IG live stream last week that the official Launch date is APRIL 7TH. We are so excited to unveil what we have planned for this year, so make sure to stay tuned as we release more details. in the meantime you can check out last years SOM HERE.



It’s almost here! t-minus 3 days on April 4th, 2023, get ready to meet Gunhild, the fire Jotun who’s determined to become a real-life god – despite everyone thinking she’s crazy. In this brand new manga, you’ll follow Gunhild’s epic adventure through the world of Norse mythology, as she fights against all odds to prove her worth and achieve her dreams.

Abandoned by her own kind and raised in a human girls’ orphanage, Gunhild wishes to prove to her peers that she’s more than a little troublemaker. Every step of the way, it becomes clear that Gunhild must fight for what’s right and follow her own sense of justice, seeing as no one else will fight for her.

Gunhild isn’t your typical manga heroine. She’s quirky, she’s stubborn, and she refuses to back down – even when the entire world is against her.  We can’t wait to dive deep into this story full of Norse mythology, magic, and gods. DON’T MISS OUT!

Pre Order Gunhild Vol. 1 HERE


SATURDAY AM #156: Orisha Returns! and MUCH MORE


You heard that right ORISHA IS BACK!!!!!! Along with, new installments of our heavy hitters MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER WORLD OF GHOSTS, HAMMER, APPLE BLACK, CLOCK STRIKER, and an article on the controversial efforts behind WHITEWASHING BLACK CHARACTERS written by the talented Alexis Stokes. What are you waiting for jump right in!

Read AM Issue 156 HERE 


SATURDAY BRUNCH #10: The Gunhild fest continues!

SATURDAY BRUNCH #10 It’s finally here and not too soon! Behind an inviting cover featuring the star of our hit series GUNHILD (volume 1 out April. 4th) by creator, Fred Tornager, there are new installments of HENSHIN!, and new series PROTECT MARRY KILL! Enjoy!

Read BRUNCH Issue 10 HERE 



Jeyodin is back with another LIVE READS! This week he read Kentucky Fried Evil by @3DxGO, and THE RETURN OF ZAIN by @rem10.00 this week. If you didn’t catch the live stream check out the recording below.  Don’t forget to check out Jey’s Youtube Channel and follow him on Twitter or Instagram to submit yours.


That wraps it up for this week.  Thank you, as always, for stopping by and hey if you haven’t already check out last weeks news HERE.  Starting this month off right with so much good content! We’re far from done! Have a good weekend everyone, see you all next week – Peace.

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