Saturday AM Round Up: 04/15/23 Summer of Manga, The Ragin’2: The Vlogs LIVE!, and MORE!

Hey everybody welcome back to another Saturday AM Round up! You know the deal, this is where I go through all the things Saturday AM is dishing out for the previous week.  Had to take a little break last week, but no worries I’m back in action and ready to deliver the goods.  Let’s get into it!

The Best Part of Summer Returns: Summer of Manga 23′ Kicks Off!


That’s right folks it’s that time of year again! Our annual submission event is BACK for its’ 7th year! And it’s BIGGER THAN EVER!

Once again, we are accepting ORIGINAL SHORT STORY SUBMISSIONS from artists around the world aged 18 and up for a limited time. These short stories must have a beginning, middle, and end. No chapter ones or scenes of an existing comic will be permitted.  This year is SPECIAL – we are accepting pitches from writers for the first time!

Frederick covers more details on this year’s event during his IG live stream the other day.



Let’s Talk Comics: The Ragin’ 2 Live Vlog with Frederick L. Jones


Frederick L. Jones was recently featured on The Indie Comics Network’s “The Ragin’ 2 LIVE Vlog Show” this past Friday.  Frederick had the honor of chatting with Daphne Lage and Nita Lanning about his early corporate background, and the history of Saturday AM – from conception till now.

They also spoke about the manga industry and its incursion in the West and other countries outside of Japan. The conversation was so engaging and lively, filled with great questions.  A big thank you to both Daphne and Nita for having Frederick on the show! You can check out the full live stream below. and don’t forget to show some love to their youtube channel HERE


SATURDAY AM Joins Forces with HBCU Students for an Unprecedented Anthology of Comics and Manga! [UPDATE]


We’re excited to announce that our very own Saturday AM Founder, Frederick L. Jones, recently visited Benedict College in Columbia, SC to meet up with his colleague, the iconic Sanford Greene. As a creator of the award-winning BITTER ROOT, Greene is now leading an impressive class on visual narratives, and the students’ big project is a graphic novel showcasing the talent and experience of HBCU students!

With the assistance of the dynamic talent, Asiah Fulmore (known for her works Amethyst and Family Ties), the graphic novel will be an anthology and innovative in a few ways. To show off the early work, the students participated in the Harambee Festival, where they sold shirts and gave away posters. It was refreshing to see so many anime and manga fans in our community!

The team at Saturday AM is honored to play a role in the construction of the book and can’t wait to show more about it. So be sure to follow Sanford Greene for more info, and stay tuned for updates on the students’ work and future projects!


Oscar Fong at OVERLOAD: New Zeland’s anime & manga convention!


At the recent OVERLOAD event in New Zealand, our very own artist Oscar Fong participated in a joint panel with Sam Kim on the first day of the convention. They shared insights on their creative process and discussed their respective works, with Oscar focusing on his series, “Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts,” which was published by Saturday AM.

During the panel, Oscar sold signed copies of his book and even gave away a special gift to his fans. The event was made possible by Graphic Novel Cafe, who helped set up the appearance. Oscar had this to say:

“First panel talk I would say it went pretty smoothly considering it was my first panel talk! I was super nervous and psyched to be talking in front of an audience so overall a pretty awesome! Experience”

Don’t forget to check out Vol. 1 of MMWOG AVAILABLE NOW! 



Whyt Manga at TXLA23′: Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List

Haven’t got enough of our artist appearances yet? GOOD because we have another coming at you this month. Whyt Manga will be attending an awesome author panel next Friday, April 21st at 11:30 am ROOM 18AB at the TLA2023 in Austin TX. 

Register for the event HERE


JeyOdin 80 character-building cards


Have you ever had trouble creating a character for your story?

We’ve all been there, but if you’d like 80 questions you can start with to help flesh them out, try these character creation cards.

I’ve recently wanted to have a set of questions I can return to for EVERY character I make, and I thought it would be something you all could enjoy too.

There are 10 pages with 8 cards on them. Buy the downloadable file and print out a set whenever you want to create another character.

Buy the Character Creation Cards HERE


Whoo! This week was jam-packed with a lot of goodies.  Summer of manga is shaping up to be really huge this year plus we’ve got so many live appearances from our amazing artist – just can’t beat that.  Well thanks, everyone for stopping by – till next time, PEACE!



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