Saturday AM Round Up: 07/01/23 HENSHIN! Vol. 1, Saturday AM at Anime Expo and MORE!

A Hero’s Journey Begins: Henshin! Volume 1

Art by A.F.D.S (@afds_bm)

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with Henshin! Volume One, launching on July 5th! Join Alex, a twenty-something Journalism major, as he navigates the challenges of assignments, friendships, conspiracy theories, and his dating life. Finding a long-term boyfriend hasn’t been easy since coming out. But when a moment of horror reveals the hero within, Alex transforms into BLAZE, an armored superhero wielding a blade of pure fire.

Can the man beneath the mask rise against the forces threatening his loved ones? Don’t miss out on this epic journey! Preorder Henshin! Vol 1 by the talented Mitch Proctor, brought to you by Saturday AM and Quarto. Prepare for an extraordinary tale of self-discovery and heroic destiny!


Pre Order Henshin! Vol. 1 HERE



Saturday AM Shines Bright at Anime Expo: Unforgettable Moments and Mind-Blowing News

Photo of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Saturday AM rocked Anime Expo! Our founder, Frederick L. Jones, had a glorious time at the event, and we can’t contain our excitement. The meetings for upcoming projects and events were mind-blowing! Stay tuned for more photos and be prepared to have your mind blown too!


Saturday AM Takes the ALA Convention by Storm: A Memorable Journey of Manga, Connections, and Inspiring Panels.

Saturday AM took the American Library Association (ALA) Convention by storm! Our founder, Frederick, and Creator of TITAN KING, Tony Dawkins had an incredible time signing copies of CLOCK STRIKER and Titan King. They had the chance to connect with fans and fellow creators. The convention was a blast, filled with memorable moments. Frederick attended a librarian-focused event, and caught up with old friend Rich Johnson of PREVIEWS World.

We chatted with visitors at our booth courtesy of Quarto Kids and explored the setups from renowned shops like Viz Media, IDW Publishing, Boom Studios, and DC Comics. But wait, there’s more! We were honored to be on a panel with Jillian Rudes, Dr. Joe Sanchez, and Tony Weaver Jr., discussing the impact of manga on BIPOC communities.

Additionally, we attended the prestigious Caldecott Awards and Newbury dinner and enjoyed drinks with friends from Kodansha, Yen Press, Skyboundent, Mangasplaining, and many more! The experience was truly amazing, and the SATURDAY AM line continues to captivate teachers, librarians, publishers, and fellow creators. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and join us on this extraordinary journey!


Discovering Literary Gems: Whyt Manga’s Book Signing at The Dock Bookstore in Fort Worth

Whyt Manga recently paid a visit to The Dock Bookstore, a local bookshop located in Fort Worth, Texas. This charming little store, proudly owned by Black entrepreneurs, extended a warm invitation to him for a book signing event. The occasion centered around Whyt Manga’s acclaimed series, Apple Black, which has already captivated readers with its first three volumes and has a highly anticipated fourth volume on the horizon. To add to the delight, the bookstore dedicated a shelf not only to Apple Black but also showcased a selection of other captivating titles from Saturday AM.

Saturday AM x Legend: Revolutionizing Manga with Immersive Experience

Saturday AM and Legend are set to revolutionize manga with an unprecedented collaboration. Prepare to be blown away as your favorite Saturday AM manga comes to life like never before. Dive into a world of captivating storytelling, unforgettable characters, and jaw-dropping artwork, now enhanced with immersive audio on the Legend platform.

Get ready for the grand reveal of the very first Saturday AM branded manga titles, delivering an extraordinary and inclusive experience that will transport fans to new dimensions. Stay tuned for an epic adventure that will redefine the way you experience manga. Check out our previous Blog post for more details HERE.


Saturday Brunch 11: A Celebration of Milestones and Exciting New Releases!

Join us in commemorating the third anniversary of our Josei manga magazine with Saturday Brunch 11! This special edition also includes our 2023 PRIDE MONTH issue, and we’re thrilled to unveil the debut of HENSHIN! Vol 1 as a Saturday AM graphic novel on July 5th.

Featuring a mesmerizing cover by Mitch Proctor, the talented creator of HENSHIN!, this issue is bursting with creativity. Get ready to immerse yourself in the all-new HENSHIN!, dive into the captivating world of GRIMMHEIM by Kristina Andabak, and embark on an epic journey with GUNHILD by Fred Tornager.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read them all!


Read Saturday Brunch #11 HERE


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