Saturday AM Round Up: 2/18/23

Hey everybody Happy Saturday!! Here to fill you in on everything Saturday AM that happened this week.

As of late Clock Striker has been the talk of the town – and this week is no different.  We had so many lovely articles and videos come out shining a light on the worlds first Black female, shonen manga Protagonist. From the likes of Screen Rant, and MORE! Click the link below to check them out!

Screen Rant

Kids Comics

Rae Of Books




Orisha Returns Next Month! – Get Ready for an African Shonen Adventure

Exciting news for fans of African Shonen! Orisha, the stunning graphic novel by artist @zayf_illustrations, is making a comeback and begins it’s journey towards volume 1. This graphic novel promises a thrilling adventure of celestial beings, reluctant warriors, and the theory that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Get ready to join the journey as the serialization resumes in Saturday AM issue # 156!


Saturday AM Annual 2024 – Preorder Now and Get Ready for Original Short Stories!

Attention manga fans! The “Saturday AM Annual 2024” is coming in October 2023, featuring promising up-and-coming manga artists from around the world. The anthology will showcase all original short stories, including top Saturday AM properties like Apple Black, Clock Striker, and Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts. Stay tuned for additional artist reveals and special content announcements throughout the year.



Soul Beat Volume 1 – Preorder Now and Prepare for a Funky Adventure!

If you’re a fan of boxing and supernatural stories, you won’t want to miss Soul Beat Volume 1 by Morganne Walker. The graphic novel follows Dante, a handsome, strong, and loyal boxer who faces his toughest challenge yet when he meets the devil. With plenty of soul and funk, the streets are about to get groovy! Preorder your copy now and get ready for an exciting adventure.



Get Your Saturday AM Apple Black Shirt and Support the Manga Community

As a fan of Saturday AM, you won’t want to miss the latest official shirt featuring art by @whytmanga. Show your support and help bring more designs to stores around the world by purchasing this shirt from Spencers. Not only will you be showing love for your favorite manga Apple Black, but you’ll also be  help us bring MORE DESIGNS to stores around the world. The shirt is available for purchase online or in-store, so don’t hesitate to get yours today and wear it proudly!



That’s it for this weeks recap. We have so much exciting news coming up so keep you eyes locked Here! Till next time, Peace!

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