Saturday AM Round Up: 2/25/23 Comics Pro, Jey Odin’s Next Project, Plus Much MORE!

Hey back again with your Saturday AM round up! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far! sit back, relax and check out everything we got going on this week.

Saturday AM’s Diverse Stories Shine at Comics Pro

This weekend has been very exciting for Saturday AM to say the least. Our CEO and Founder Frederick L, Jones was invited to the annual Comics Pro conference – where members can network, attend panels, and learn about new developments in the industry.

At the Comics Pro Event, we showcased our exclusive series, recognized by prestigious publications like Neo Magazine.  Jones went on the express the mission of our brand and how important DIVERSE, INCLUSIVE STORIES are to the comics and manga space.  He also highlight some of the key series in our ever growing catalog of manga from creators all around the world.  He even teased at an ANIME project in the future! It was really exciting to see everyone’s reactions during this panel, it truly felt like Saturday AM was getting the recognition it deserves!

Like most of us I’m sure you folks weren’t able to get your eyes on the panel at this exclusive event. Have no fear we have you covered. check out the full video of the Saturday AM Comics Pro Panel below!



A Rick and Morty Manga!? JeyOdin is doing a manga graphic novel with Oni Press!

It was announced during the Comics Pro conference that the graphic novel Rick & Morty: The Manga Volume 1: Get In The Robot, Morty! will be written by Alissa M. Sallah with art and covers from Jey Odin. The graphic novel will be published by Oni Press and will be released in bookstores October 31st!




Hammer Vol. 3 Is Almost Here!

The third Installment of the Hammer series is right around the corner! hitting bookstores near you March 7th! 

In Hammer, Volume 3, our hero Stud has teleported to the Jungle Kingdom. After finding an ally from a previous adventure, his bag is stolen. Will it soon belong to Brutus Elephante, the Jungle King?

Soon after Stud arrived in the Jungle Kingdom, he was discovered and reported to the king as an intruder with Kingdom Maps, the most important treasure King Elephante had been looking for. Now with a target on his back, Stud continues searching for a way back home with an ally, Brymm, who has a strange request: she needs help saving her kingdom in the future. She continuously asks Stud, who can’t help because he’s trying to get back home.

However, once Stud’s bag is stolen from him while he’s having a vivid dream about his parents, he’s fearful of losing it forever and tries to retrieve it. Stud quickly realizes he can’t get it back by himself and enlists the help of Brymm, who still has an urgent request of her own.

Will he be able to retrieve it before it’s given to King Elephante, or will he be able to retrieve it before then? Will Brymm find the help she needs to save her kingdom? Learn answers to these questions and more in this action-packed volume!



Saturday AM Takes Europe by Storm: Featured in Popular NEO Magazine!

Did you know that our diverse manga brand is a big hit across the pond? That’s right, we’re making waves in European countries and have even been featured in one of the most popular manga and anime magazines in England, NEO Magazine!

But that’s not all – we love connecting with our fans in person too. That’s why we make regular appearances at conferences like Anime League, where we can meet and chat with our awesome readers. And our most recent appearance in NEO Magazine issue 225 was a blast! We showcased Philippa Borman’s ANIMALE, a thrilling comic that’s sure to get your heart racing. Plus, did you know that Philippa is an animator on HELLUVA BOSS? How cool is that?!

So, keep your eyes peeled for our latest appearances and issues wherever books are sold. We can’t wait to share our exciting stories with you!

That’s All for this Saturday Folks. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Saturday AM and our growing community of passionate fans. Stay tuned for more updates on their latest releases and projects! See you all next week – Same Saturday AM time, same Saturday AM Place. Peace.

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