Saturday AM x Butcher Billy Interview

Saturday AM had the chance to interview the infamous Butcher Billy! If you aren’t familiar with his work, you should be! ‘cause this man is wicked cool!

Lets dive in shall we?

You’ve been commissioned by a lot of big name companies congrats! Seeing how you are now did you have doubts when you first began your art career?
Yes absolutely. I had so many doubts that I only invested my time in pop art very late in my career, when I was 30-something years old. I guess it was a lack of belief in myself and being afraid to throw myself in the fire earlier.
Your art style is amazing! How do you keep it so consist? Whats your process of creating a piece?The actual work process is quite simple and boring actually – the interesting thing happens when I’m coming up with concepts and ideas. And it all begins with reading a lot of books, watching a lot of movies/series, listening to a lot of music and playing a lot of games. It’s not so bad 🙂

Usually I like to overcharge myself with loads of inspiration from very different areas of things I like, and let that take its course. Usually takes a lot longer to come up with an idea for a single artwork or a series, than the actual execution of it. The aim is to have the work completely done in my mind, before I even start sketching it. Once I have that, the goal is to make it striking yet simple.
Want to read more? Click the link below to read this interview!

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