Saturday AM X Free Comic Book Day 2024

The excitement of Free Comic Book Day reverberated around the globe, making it an unforgettable success! From North Carolina to the United Kingdom, our coordinated efforts ensured that fans everywhere had the chance to partake in this annual celebration of creativity and storytelling.

Our talented creators poured their hearts into their work, showcasing their diverse talents and passion for comics. But what truly made this day special was the opportunity for them to connect with YOU wonderful fans who make it all possible.

Let’s take a journey across the continents to relive the magic of Free Comic Book Day.

We start our coverage on the good old East Coast with Jey Odin, and Frederick Jones up in Raleigh Durham at the Ultimate Comics locations.  They were met with a great turnout – fans came out in droves for FCB. To no surprise, we know full well the comic book fandom in NC is real! That’s where we hosted our very own Saturday CON Convention.

Jey Odin was super stoked and had this to say about the whole experience:

“I had a blast! Got to see some recurring faces from last year and hang out with a patron of mine from my mentorship program. Really cool event!”


In New York, we had a banger of an event too! JR De Bard was setup at Alterniverse Comics – working his hand to the bone with all the signing he was doing.  So much so that he ran out of books at one point.


Down in the tropical part of the East Coast, we had Geoffrey Jean-Louis rocking it out in Florida.  He was joined by FanGirl Licensing partner Anita Castellar.

Geoffrey had a blast meeting all of you and kicking it at Gods and Monsters! Geoffrey had this to say about his time there:

“It was a great time! It was a lot of fun to talk to fans of Yellow Stringer and find new ones in such a cool setting. I would love to do it again!”



Moving on along to the Midwest with our folks Whyt Manga, Morganne Walker, and Tony Dawkins – They did their thing! Whyt was posted up out front at Cosmic Comics & Cards.  Morganne was out in Indianapolis over at Downtown Comics In Castleton.

Here’s what Whyt had to say about his experience:

“It was a lovely block party to celebrate comics! It was also great to meet some readers and one of manga assistants in person.”


Tony Dawkins out in Chitown signing books and showing off his drawing skills over at Barnes & Noble.


Finally, across the pond we had Mitch Proctor aka Bon Idle, and Fred Tornager in the UK and Denmark, respectfully, getting some love from fans.  Mitch was stationed at Forbidden Planet with his badass Henshin! helmet.  Fred was rocking it at Fantask where she had a bit of a hiccup with her books being delivered, but regardless she made it work and had an amazing time!

Thank you to all the fans who made Free Comic Book Day 2024 truly unforgettable. Your passion and support inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling. A BIG SHOUT OUT to our Events Coordinator Jackie, she set all these events up for our artists and helped make this whole thing come together! Thank you!

Until next year, keep reading, keep dreaming, and keep celebrating the magic of comics!


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