Saturday AM x Mususart Interview

Happy New Year Everyone! 馃帀

We hope you all had a blast in 2023 and get ready for even more excitement in 2024!

If youve been under a rock, I鈥檓 here to tell you Saturday Brunch just dropped some magic recently! And some of it came from yours truly *wink*

Saturday AM had the pleasure of interview the talented Mususart, a Gambian character designer and Illustrator for Brunch. Their art takes me back to the retro era, its fun, vibrant and nostalgic! 聽Lets get into!

Saturday AM: What were some of your inspirations for drawing? Can I guess one? Is it Steven Universe?

My inspirations for drawing, steven universe being one of them, include 80s and 90s anime, my environment and the people in my life.

Saturday AM: What鈥檚 the animation industry like in Gambia? Do you incorporate some of your culture in your art?

聽For now, there isn’t much of an animation industry in The Gambia but I hope to change that one day.

My culture definitely inspires my art. I am especially inspired by the strong african women in my country and I hope to tell the stories of my country in the future.

Saturday AM: What are some projects if any, upcoming or past have you worked on utilizing your visual development and character animation skills?

I’ve illustrated a couple of stickers for giphy in the past and I plan to begin visual development on a personal project soon.

Saturday AM: Does each piece of your art tell a story or have a hidden message? What鈥檚 it like starting a piece? Can you also tell us what鈥檚 it like creating an animation snippet?

Most of my illustrations have hidden messages in them, usually depicting my emotions at the time of creating them. Creating an animation snippet, for me, is a 3 step process.

I visualize the animation by making sketches, I animate the frames and then proceed to color them.

Lets continue this interview in the latest Brunch Issue! Click here for more!聽


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