The MANGA is coming in 2023!!

@saturday_am founder Frederick L. Jones

APPLE BLACK creator @whytmanga

And up and coming artist @afds_bm

They all attended the @ote basketball arena to not only take in some awesome games between @yngdreamerz vs falcons and @coldheartsote vs the bruins

BUT ALSO TO UNVEIL our manga project with original characters developed for OVERTIME!!

A free poster was given away and signings by Whyt and Anthony while our new manga heroes debuted on the Jumbotron!!

The kids loved it, some even came with their @quartokids graphic novels to have signed, the athletes loved their private showcase early in the day, and parents and staff were excited by the idea of a sports manga that will represent western characters and ideas.

Don’t worry – we’ll have all of the details for you soon including even video of the experience!

So be patient and get ready for the next great opportunity for SATURDAY AM DIVERSE MANGA!

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