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Hello lovely people! We are back with another banger! We had the chance to sit down with ShinkxArt for our latest issue of Saturday Brunch #14! Did you see our bad ass cover? Shoutout to Grimmheim!

This artist’s work is nothing short of a fairy tale lets see how it all went down, shall we?

Saturday AM:
Why did you want to become an artist?

Silvia: Well, since I was a child that I loved drawing and I knew since then that I wanted to become an artist. I also did an artistic bachelor’s degree and graduated which focused me more on keep growing as an artist.

Saturday AM: How often do you draw? How do you mentally prepare yourself?

Silvia: I try to draw regularly, almost everyday if I can! It’s the best way to improve and learn. I try to focus on the drawing and just relax, it’s important to try not to be too perfeccionist (which is difficult) while drawing because it only leads to frustration.

Saturday AM: How long did it take you to find your style?

Silvia: It took me so long! It’s very difficult to find a style and  I remember being young and getting sad because I wasn’t able to find an unique style until I learned that it’s all about keep drawing non-stop and somehow one day you realize you’ve found your style withouth searching. I think it’s an amazing thing.

Saturday AM: What hardships have you faced as an artist both offline and online?

Silvia: Well, online it’s sometimes easy to compare yourself to others which may be sometimes motivational but there’s other times that leads you to frustrate or think that you’re not worth it. I always try to remember that we all have our own art and uniqueness and that’s the only thing that matters! Also there’s always people who try to ask for free drawings which is disrespectful for an artist because art it’s a luxury not a need! Offline I have to say that the worst part of being an artist is to try to find good jobs and good job contracts, that’s the most difficult part!

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Until next time!

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