Saturday AM FCBD: We’re ALL Spiderman now


We may be digital but we here at MyFutprint (publishers of Saturday AM) get down like your average comic book company.

Yes, this is Free Comic Book Day and our fans are all mostly familiar with the American comicbook scene. They certainly are fans of American superheroes who routinely perform better in markets such as China, Brazil and UK despite being 100% American in nature.

So, it is odd that most manga companies DO NOT participate on free comicbook day. Least not in large numbers. What’s worse is that most digital companies take a pass on the event. 


Who knows—all we know is that we are NOT most MANGA, DIGITAL WEBCOMIC companies! 

We’re Saturday AM and our revolution has been possible because we believe that ALL OF YOU are the future consumers, creators and distributors of the next Pokemon, Iron Man and/or TMNT craze. It’s been here all along.

And what better support of that then our latest issue #8? Alongside of top manga by the most promising amateur talent in the world like Race! On!, Saigami and Comatose we also have an interview with the ONE and ONLY 


The godfather of the action manga webcomic is our exclusive interview this issue. And the best part??


That’s right, issue #8 which normally would sell for $1.99 is FREE for 24 hrs. Just go here and use offer code saturdayfcbd2014

The cover is by the incredible Gemar Delfino (co-creator of Race! On! which returns within this issue!) with color by Tony Saavedra and that alone is worth a single issue sale and a $5.00 annual subscription. 

Just mind blowing quality and to think these are “amateurs”! Yes, if you are new to Saturday AM–now you see just why our revolution is catching on.

Tony Saavedra will be sticking around with us for awhile and this issue contains chapter 2 of his ORIGINAL new effort, Arrogance of Athena. 

But don’t worry if you’ve never experienced us before because today===for FCBD we have made it easy for you.



This new service, has a great marketing plan today—they make their service FREE and we are a part of it. Imagine getting all of the most interesting, new independent comics available without having to hunt for them or to ask your LCBS to stock atleast 1 copy. For just $9.95 you can sample as many independent comics as you’d like and NOW Saturday AM is a part of that service. Get back issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 for FREE TODAY!

What a perfect way to discover our brand of new manga webcomic action? But, it’s not the only way! Don’t forget that WE ALREADY OFFER FREE COMICS!

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