Frederick L. Jones, founder of MyFutprint and Publisher of Saturday AM, is featured on two podcasts this week.

FIRST — Check out Frederick’s conversation with Adam Buccafusco (designer, artist, podcaster — find more info as they discuss the creation of Saturday AM and the plans for WEL/RED and Afternoon Web-X . Worth checking out for fans of the PILOT manga and we touch on information regarding works like APPLE BLACK by Whyt Manga, KATHAROS by Beverly Toole and SKY PUNK: DEUS EX MACHINA by Mario Savovski.

SECOND — Frederick is joined by David Yoon (aka the YOONICORN) of the hit manga webcomic, SPOON with James and Jason Ford, the twin brothers of the incredibly cool podcast, the WOMBMATES. This expansive and VERY FUN (these guys rock–and have a great attitude towards classic American comics as well as the INDY COMICS scene) talk goes over the set-up for AFTERNOON WEB-X as we discuss the business of webcomics and what makes series like COMATOSE by Wally Nguyen and WANTED DEAD OR DEAD by Mariel Villareal have such impact in this digital age.


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