Saturday AM finished a TRIUMPHANT 2018 with issue 100 and now returns for a BIG 2019 with new manga, new creators, new media and a new…calendar??

CALENDAR 2019 v2 fred.jpg

Now, this is a mock-up.

Yes, you can USE IT but not the ULTIMATE WAY WE INTEND.

1st of all, this is our NEW CALENDAR. It will be INTERACTIVE and SENT to our PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS only.

2nd, this will replace the FREE ISSUES we offered PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS. Why? Because, the work on our APP is ultimately the experience that we (and most of you) want in enjoying current and back-issues of our magazine and thus continuing to employ it on the site when it’s not the performance or quality we want is a waste.

That said, the FREE ISSUES – will return for a few weeks from February 5th until February 28th.

3rd, the Calendar will offer DISCOUNT CODES, CONFIDENTIAL PITCH SESSION SUBMISSIONS, and MORE! The INTERACTIVE portion means you press a box and get taken to the site!

Lastly, the BEST REASON for the Calendar is SATURDAY AM and SATURDAY PM! That’s right -our artists will be providing BRAND NEW ARTWORK and you’ll have the LATEST ISSUE RELEASE DATE (as well as TANKS).

So this month:

  • we’ll launch Saturday AM #0 – Limited Edition issue with ALL-NEW STORIES of HAMMER by JeyOdin, CLOCK STRIKER, MMWOG and MUTTON CHOP.

  • Saturday AM PRIMER #1 – A new series DATABOOK covering all of our heroes, villains and worlds of the MOST DIVERSE MANGA anthology ling.

  • And the return of our core magazine, Saturday AM #101 including the DEBUT of ALL-NEW TENDER LOVING PUNCH from Saudia Arabia discovery — SAMA!

So, you don’t WANT this Calendar — you NEED THIS CALENDAR.


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