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Saturday AM’s newest digital magazine, Saturday PM, is NOW AVAILABLE for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.

In the past 4 years, Saturday AM has focused on revolutionizing manga by offering more distinct voices from around the world. Many groups claim to offer diversity as we pioneered but few offer anything close to the eclectic mix of races, nationalities, and genders as in our issues. Likewise, many can mimic the manga aesthetic but we feel manga is as much about CONSISTENTLY telling stories that are original & unique across ISSUES than just spikey hair. We LOVE MANGA but we also endeavor to see it be more and that’s what truly separates Saturday AM from our competitors.

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Don’t believe the hype folks, we started this in 2013 and after 78 issues we’ve not only discovered many amazing creators who’ve gone on to great things either with Saturday AM or via Instagram, or our competitors but we’ve established a reliable voice for digital comics for fans around the world. Every issue of Saturday AM is stacked with gorgeous covers, fantastic content, design, and comics much like an issue of traditional shonen magazines in Japan like Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Shonen Sunday.

That said, we’ve always been focused. We’ve got bigger goals than just an anime one day — much bigger. Hence why, we made sure to make Saturday AM a SHONEN MANGA MAGAZINE. Telling good stories doesn’t have to involve sex and graphic violence. We want the large numbers of fans (many of which are parents) to LOVE SATURDAY AM as much as we do!

That said, we also want to tell DIVERSE ADULT COMICS STORIES. In Japan they call this SEINEN and some of the biggest global hits are from that mold. We’re talking BERSERK, TOKYO GHOUL, GOLDEN KAMUY and so on. Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump is the sidekick to Weekly Shonen Jump (Weekly Young Magazine is the same for Weekly Shonen Sunday by Kodansha) and focuses on SEINEN as a means of keeping more explicit stories from the people who enjoy say Dragonball and vice versa, allowing fans of GANTZ to easily find similar content.

As Saturday AM has done with the idea of Shonen manga so shall Saturday PM seek to evolve Seinen manga. We’re going to bring longer articles, more in-depth interviews, and edgier comics that go beyond juvenile titillation. And as always, we’ll do it in style with the best design online. With EXCLUSIVE Manga from some of the hottest creators you’re sure to be talking about in a few years, Saturday PM is poised to be another breakout success for the folks at Saturday AM.

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