Saturday AM SUBMIT!

Have you heard the news?

We’re FINALLY getting a chance to add MORE creators into the Saturday AM revolution.


This means Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and potentially….a new magazine?

Yeah, since 2013, Saturday AM has discovered so many creators via platforms like PILOT MANGA, TEST FLIGHTS, MARCH ART MADNESS, #summerofmanga. We’ve developed and debuted dozens of amazingly diverse new voices from all over the world.

Now, we’re offering a new ongoing monthly submission process for EXISTING WEBCOMIC CREATORS who are looking to expand their readership by working with our BRAND and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and STILL PUBLISHING on OTHER WEBSITES to maximize their own readership opportunities.

Get the DETAILS here…

Ready to SUBMIT your existing webcomic in 2019? Go here!

And if you have MORE QUESTIONS – SUBMIT a QUESTION here.

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