SUMMER OF MANGA 23′ Is Heating Up! First Round Picks Finished!

Welcome, manga enthusiasts and aspiring artists! We’re thrilled to bring you exciting news and updates about the ongoing Summer of Manga event. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing details about the next steps in the event, including the selection process, first-round interviews, and More. So, let’s dive right in!

Selection Process

After receiving a plethora of remarkable submissions for the Summer of Manga event, it’s time for the first round of selections. Our dedicated team has meticulously reviewed each entry to identify the most promising talents. However, the task of choosing among so many talented artists and writers is no easy feat. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards, we will be further slimming down the selection pool through a rigorous selection process. This step will help us narrow down the candidates and identify those who truly shine.

Round 1 Interviews:

As we move forward with the Summer of Manga event, we will conduct exclusive interviews with a select group of participants. These interviews serve as a crucial step in narrowing down the entries, allowing us to gain deeper insights into the artists’ creative processes, inspirations, and storytelling abilities. By engaging in these interviews, we aim to identify standout talents who demonstrate exceptional artistic/writing skills, a strong passion for their craft, a vision that aligns with the event’s objectives – and most importantly, to determine whether or not the participants will be able to commit to the event. Stay tuned for updates as we reach out to the selected artists, and let’s celebrate the remarkable talent within the manga community.

Youtube Coverage:

YouTube video is on its way! In this video, our dedicated staff members will be discussing and reviewing the entries received for the Summer of Manga event. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into our selection process will give you a taste of the tremendous talent that has been pouring in. It’s an opportunity to see how our team evaluates the submissions and gain valuable insights into what makes a standout manga entry.

The Summer of Manga event continues to flourish, thanks to the incredible passion and talent of participants like you. With the selection process underway and a youtube video in the works, we’re ready to showcase a handful of artists and writers who submitted. For the Participants remember to check your emails for updates!  Keep your eyes peeled for updates HERE on The Summer of Manga page. Together, let’s celebrate the magic of manga and inspire a new generation of artists and writers!

Over 400 Entries from countries all over the world! 

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