March ART Madness was a MEGA-EVENT and it’s over (although you can STILL enjoy the amazing artwork on display).

We are SO INCREDIBLY PROUD and IMPRESSED with that event as it not only brought tens of thousands of new fans to Saturday AM and our mission for more DIVERSITY in manga and webcomics but it helped to expose new artistic voices to our audience.

Our final four, out of the 58 artists participating, consisted of an American (by way of Japan); an Australian, a Filipino woman and the winner, a Swede named William Puekker!

This diversity generated amazing fan art of not just a variety of popular characters from videogames, anime, TV shows, and more but in artistic styles. It reminded us a lot of our now defunct TEST FLIGHT and PILOT Manga competitions.

Needless to say, we MISS our new creator submissions event and decided to evolve our annual #SUMMEROFMANGA event into not just a showcase of OUR new manga series (ala previous hits like CLOCK STRIKER) BUT a chance to DISCOVER the hottest new voices.

How does this work?


18+ old creators with an ORIGINAL SHORT STORY may submit a general idea of the story to us.

If we like it we’ll publish a 15 to 30-page version within issues 66-71.

Your manga/comic submission MUST be original, shonen and EXCLUSIVE!

Saturday AM has always championed creator rights and so you OWN your work BUT we want this short story EXCLUSIVELY for 1 yr. So, while you may have OTHER STORIES of the characters on other sites — THIS SHORT STORY MAY ONLY APPEAR WITHIN YOUR ASSIGNED ISSUES OF SATURDAY AM.

What’s in it for you?

You will appear in our long-running and high-quality digital anthology alongside hit titles like APPLE BLACK, BULLY EATER, SAIGAMI and more!

We will provide a page on our site to PROMOTE YOU and YOUR WORK (including any links to sites or online portfolios where your work resides).


We will have revenue sharing so that YOU WILL RECIEVE PAYMENT for your issues that you sell.

How do I apply?

Simple. Just go here and fill out the SURVEY.

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