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Saturday AM is doing it again and embarking on our most unique adventure yet! After over 150 issues, dozens of artists, thousands of fans, and two spin-off digital magazines (ALL of which can be enjoyed within our brand-new APP) – Saturday AM is taking our DIVERSE MANGA REVOLUTION to even newer heights.

Introducing SUPER SATURDAY, our 1st print magazine devoted to not just global comics but the geek culture that helps to define it.

That’s right, we’re bringing ALL of our artists, characters, and staff from Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Saturday BRUNCH manga anthologies to this new type of magazine! But, that’s not all, because YOU’RE INVITED TOO! From the best FANART illustrations of our characters to the appearance of many of the web’s most promising original webcomic characters, SUPER SATURDAY is a unique experience for all of our fans!

As this has been one of our most requested products ever, we have tried to put together a winning set of EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that can ONLY be found in SUPER SATURDAY’s very 1st issue.

They Include:



*SATURDAY WARS – That’s right, the WAR is finally here! Our long-awaited CROSSOVER event (the 1st manga-inspired event ala Marvel’s The AVENGERS INFINITY WAR or DC Comic’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) kicks off in this issue with the mysterious COSMIC DEITY, REINA, assembling the heroes of Saturday AM to save ALL REALITIES! Can they stop the mad conqueror, CHILLIAN VEYN, or will they tear apart their own alliance when personalities conflict? Illustrated by Rashad Millhouse (from Saturday PM’s OUTLAND) and a HOST of our top artists.

*DJ STEVE AOKI- We interview the world renowned DJ about his music career, love of anime, and next big projects!

*Saturday AM presents HOW TO DRAW DIVERSE MANGA – Finally, a tutorial that EVERYONE can use! Whyt Manga, JeyOdin, and JR De Bard come together to offer a unique lesson on creating diverse manga-style characters that are respectful and unique.

*KAREN BERGER – We interview the legendary Editor from DC Comics’ famed VERTIGO line who helped bring some of the BIGGEST NAMES (i.e. Alan Moore of WATCHMEN, Neil Gaiman of SANDMAN – just to name a few) in comic book history to the mainstream.

*CODENAME: VILLAIN – A brand new, never before seen, SHORT STORY from one of our hottest series!

*FANART FRIDAY- We put some of our most talented FANS on blast!

*COLOR CHALLENGE by Spectrum Noir – We’re giving away some prize — what do you have to do? Take the COLOR CHALLENGE by Spectrum Noir only in this issue!

And more!

As you can see, SUPER SATURDAY is MORE THAN A MANGA MAGAZINE. It’s a celebration of the new GEEK CULTURE that is equally about fans as much as it is about artists. We’re not going to lie — we were NERVOUS! Producing an entire magazine in printed format is a new arena for the men and women of Saturday AM and in a time of COVID-19 where uncertainty abounds, this seemed like a lot more trouble than it was worth.

We knew our fans would support us as they’ve been doing for the past seven years but then we got some unexpected news! POP INSIDER, the arbiters of GEEK COOL – said, that WE WERE COOL!!! They listed us in their 2020 GIFT GUIDE and that means that retailers, companies, and more importantly, families have been made aware of our new magazine!

We have worked even harder to ensure this 1st magazine lives up to our goals of capturing ALL THINGS SATURDAY.

SUPER SATURDAY #1 will release in DECEMBER 2020 and PRE-ORDERS are now open!

Quantities will be limited so LOCK IN YOUR COPY NOW!

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