"Ant" from Monster Society of America -- the first one-shot in our TEST RUN program!

"Ant" from Monster Society of America -- the first one-shot in our TEST RUN program!

We know you've missed the brutal combat of fellow comic book artists vying to get their ideas into the marketplace of hot new webcomics! 

Well--IT'S BACK!


PILOT Manga is here to break your soul and help you become a better manga webcomic creator. Beware--it's not for everyone! We challenge your skills, your mentality and your professionalism in an effort to see if you can create the next APPLE BLACK or SAIGAMI.


It gets downright BRUTAL folks and only the bravest emerge from it like Frederick Ward and Leonardo Massip of Saturday PLUS. ready?

First up our NEWEST --


One of the problems with TEST FLIGHTS is that individual amateur creators literally get caught on telling their epic 80 page (if not 80 chapter) story. This is NOT IDEAL as evidenced by the LEGIONS of unfinished webcomics on so many sites (don't take my word for it...just go search webcomics). That being said, every now and then--we see creators like our own Raymond Brown, Mark Reid and David Yoon (to name just a small few) who nail it after starting their own series. Yes, there are bumps and bruises along the way but for the most part they tell their story and gain an audience.

Others thrive on experience and guidance like most of the professional American comic book and Japanese manga industries.


TEST RUNS are 15-page stories that offer a complete adventure (think a Naruto or One Piece movie). What makes the experience so brutal is that you get exposure from fans as well as Saturday AM/ Web-X creators without much guidance going in.


-15 page story + cover

-Manga/ webcomic submissions must have a beginning, middle and end (no teases to other plotlines, websites or your "saga"). If the readers love your character, personality, setting and powers---they will express they WANT MORE.

-No nudity, ecchi nor graphic violence.

-No excessive language (i.e. F*ck, Sh*t, Mother F*cker)

-Concepts must be original (no fan fiction of existing characters/ nor character designs that hue too closely to an existing/ recognizable character)

-Entries must be JPEG and/or PDF and of 300 DPI resolution

-Creative teams are allowed.

-Recommended genres: Shojo; Shonen; Horror; Comedy; Mech

-Submissions must be shared via Dropbox (it's FREE) to

-Submissions for May must arrive by April 29th 11:59PM

-As with ALL MyFUTPRINT COMICS--creators own their works!

-All submitted TEST RUNS will be evaluated for publication with 14 days of submission deadline and creators will be notified.

-All approved TEST RUNS will run individually (i.e. if 5 series are submitted and 5 are accepted--1 will run each week until completed) on Thursdays at 1pm on AFTERNOON WEB-X.

-All approved TEST RUNS will remain on site EXCLUSIVELY for a period of 1-month (beginning on its' publication date).

TEST RUNS BEGIN END OF APRIL with a NEW ONE SHOT by Frederick L. Jones and Christopher Krady-- MONSTER SOCIETY OF AMERICA!

MAY TEST FLIGHT RULES and date for our next YOUTUBE WINNERS REVEAL is later tonight--stay tuned!