The Creative Geniuses of Summer of Manga 2023: A Closer Look PART 1

Alright everyone, we’re just about ready to reveal Issue 158 – presenting our inaugural collection of SOM entries! And there’s a special treat in store for you too. We’re really excited to introduce you to the incredibly talented creators behind these imaginative one-shots and captivating stories, who have joined us from all over the world.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right in!

Art by Frank Simmonds

Kicking things off, we introduce one of our contributor’s submissions from the United States, by Phenoix Manuel. He’s the mastermind behind the narrative, NAUGHTY LIST. This captivating story revolves around Kitarri, an assassin sentenced to an eternity in a fiery inferno whose only chance at redemption is to embark on a quest to retrieve stolen Christmas presents to save the holiday.

Let’s take a moment to hear directly from the creator, Phenoix Manuel, as he sheds some light on his own journey and creative process:

“Hey everyone! My name is Phoenix Manuel, the writer of Naughty List. Ever since I was little my
love of video games, anime and manga evolved into a very strong passion for fiction writing.
From middle school to now, I have been doing nothing but perfecting all of my various stories
that I hope to one day share with the world. Unfortunately I never really had much of an outlet to
really get my ideas out there, which is why I am so grateful for the folks over at SaturdayAM for
believing in me enough to provide me an opportunity to get my name into the writers

I thrive to provide my readers with stories and characters that further solidify their
passion for reading and engaging with fiction entertainment. Here’s to many years of great
stories and positive vibes!”


Our next feature hails from Hungary, brought to us by Masaru Yumeno, @ignitetensei. The ingenious creator of the one-shot, THE CURSE THAT SWALLOWED KAMAMORI. Yuichi wants to find the reason for his strange dreams and nightmares. All signs point to one place, a small mountain village where he grew up, Kamamori. As he and his three friends go deeper and deeper into the abandoned village and it’s mine they find out why they call it a cursed village. As the situation becomes more and more depressing, the shocking truth about Yuichi and the village is slowly revealed.

Let’s hear directly from the creator, Masaru Yumeno had this to say:

“I’m Masaru Yumeno, I mostly make seinen manga.
I want to tell my crazy stories and I think making comics is the best way to express myself.
On the long run I want to make a living creating manga in Japan.
I’m basically into everything, I like being curious all the time.
I still have to learn a lot about making comics so wish me luck!”


Lastly, but certainly not least, we introduce the extraordinary Elizabeth Richards, @ebettoran, from the United States. She’s the driving force behind the one-shot, “DREAM EXTRACT”. Enter The Dreaming, a world where all who sleep linger. But all is not peaceful in this land of phantasm, as strange creatures seem intent on feeding on the slumbering souls.

Now, let’s pivot and allow Elizabeth Richards to share a bit about her own personal life and artistic vision:

“I’m an illustrator and animator in constant pursuance of pretty and cool looking stuff. I’m unfortunately tired all the time so Dream Extract seemed like the perfect kind of
thing to draw about. My favorite manga at the moment is Houseki no Kuni/ Land of the Lustrous (can you tell?) but I’ve also been enjoying Chainsaw Man and some “oldies” like
Alien Nine. I spend most of my time playing video games… and drawing, or drawing about video games”


That’s just the tip of the iceberg folks! We have many MORE talented creators to highlight for this year’s Summer of Manga.  So, keep your eyes peeled for our continued coverage of these extraordinary talents.

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