The Creative Geniuses of Summer of Manga 2023: A Closer Look PART 2

We’re back in full swing with another wave of exciting entries for this year’s Summer of Manga! Brace yourselves as we roll out the carpet for a stellar lineup of remarkable talents all set to showcase their prowess in Issue 158 of SATURDAY AM.

Leading the charge is an entry straight from the heart of the United States, brought to us by the brilliant Vee, @lycheedevil, the creative force behind SCARLETT VAGABOND. Picture this, a local Yajo wreaking havoc and spreading fear among the inhabitants of Fuguchi Village by snatching their cherished Ōdachi. It’s up to Kisaru and her sidekick, Sarge, to embark on the mission of reclaiming this treasured artifact. Their reward? A guide who can navigate them through the nearby mountain pass, an essential stride on their journey.

Now, let’s step into the mind of this fascinating creator, Vee, as she shares a bit more about herself:

“Hi my name is Vee, and this is my first time participating in summer of manga! This is also the first time I’ve ever committed to producing a oneshot– I wish I could’ve done more. As an American I’ve always been vastly intrigued by eastern concepts and folklore, which is why I chose it for the basis of my oneshot. Yajo appear in a picture scroll from the Edo period, though not much is known about them other than their tenacity for wrestling and a supposed fishy smell. I hope to see everyone again next year for Summer of Manga 2024!”


Next in our lineup is the phenomenal Andrii Ostapenko, @light_andrii69, from the Ukraine, the mastermind behind FENRIR THE HUNTED. With Ragnarok having unraveled, Vithar is on a mission to hunt down the wolf-like machine responsible for his father Odin’s demise. However, this ravaged landscape is a breeding ground for nightmares for this solitary Asgardian warrior.

Let’s peel back the layers and learn more about Andrii, the creator of this gripping narrative:

“My name is Andrii, and I’m a writer from Ukraine. You must have heard of this country. Living in wartime for me is a weird mixture of bleak and vivid colors. It’s definitely depressing, and yet so many little things got more important, hence more vivid. I don’t like asking favors, but our words and actions cause ripples. And a small positive change is better than none. Simple math. So, please, support Ukraine with your words and actions. Thanks in advance.”


Finally, we welcome another talent from the United States, K.Roseartt, @k.roseartt , and their one-shot EN GARDE-N! Imagine Popperton, a character perpetually young at heart, reliving his days of glory through his gardening endeavors. That is until an unforeseen weed infestation threatens his oasis! Will his zealous spirit help him combat this disturbance? …Or will all his hard work become compost?

Let’s hear directly from this creator to discover more about their journey and unique artistic vision:

“Most people are more familiar with my pen-names: K.Roseartt (previously Toonyfando). I’m just a nerd that draws whatever itches my brain. I also animate in my down time too. One of my recent achievements in the past year was receiving first place in one of Flipaclip’s animation contests!”


That’s a wrap, folks! Yet another dazzling array of ultra-talented creators are all set to make a splash in this year’s Summer of Manga. Be sure to catch up with our previous three entries RIGHT HERE. Keep your eyes glued here, because we’re just getting started – there’s a whole host of amazing creators still to come!

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