The Creative Geniuses of Summer of Manga 2023: A Closer Look PART 3

Woohoo! Guess what, everyone? We’re back on the glamorous red carpet, eager to showcase the masterminds behind this year’s Summer of Manga entries. Let’s raise the roof for this awe-inspiring squad of creators!

First on the lineup, we have our final written entry for the year, THE X-DIVISION by the incredibly creative Kaleb I.A, @itskalebia, hailing from the United States. Journey with our paranormal investigators, Kenny and Mira, members of the X-Division, as they delve into a suspicious demonic possession at a deserted gas station. Intrigue and suspense await!

Don’t miss out on Kaleb’s buzzing YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 413k subscribers! You’ll find in-depth analysis of popular manga/anime series like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Chainsawman, and Hunter x Hunter. Dive in and explore his channel right HERE.HERE


Up next, we have a dynamite duo! The ultra-gifted writer/illustrator team, Alverne Ball (writer) and Wilsa Sepriedi (artist), are joining forces from the United States and Indonesia, respectfully, to bring us KAITIN: SANCTUARY. Meet Kaitin, our 15-year-old hero, as he teams up with animal enthusiasts to save endangered species from merciless hunters. Adventure and courage abound!

Let’s delve a little deeper! Alverne Ball, our writer of the creative duo, has been kind enough to share some tidbits about his career. He’s a Tin House graphic narrative fellowship awardee and the author of the historical graphic novel, Across the Tracks, just to mention a few. A true force to reckon with!


Hold your breath, everyone! We’ve got one more phenomenal entry from Ida Annicka, @idaanartist, our Danish/Swedish creative genius. Dive into her world where humans transform into shadow spirits, and Nymph, a young heroine, strives for their freedom. A tale of resilience and hope!

Ida was also generous enough to let us into her vibrant personal world – she had this to say:

“I’m a Danish/Swedish artist and illustrator, deeply devoted to the art of character creation and compelling storytelling. I’ve worked on numerous children’s books before, however this will be the first time introducing my own characters to the world, a cherished dream of mine. When I’m not immersed in the world of art, you’ll usually find me joyfully reading entire shojo series or fantasy romances, all without a hint of remorse.”


Well, that’s all we have for now! This thrilling parade of talents concludes the creators featured in issue #158 of Saturday AM. Stay tuned though, as there’s a whole new batch of creative minds to unveil for issue #159. For now, let’s bask in the limelight of these deserving stars. Don’t forget to check out our previous post highlighting them HERE. We’ll be back soon!



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