The Creative Geniuses of Summer of Manga 2023: A Closer Look PART 4

Hello, dear readers! We have reached the crescendo of Summer of Manga 2023, it’s time to unveil the final group gracing the pages of Saturday AM issue 159. These creators, with their diverse backgrounds and unparalleled creativity, are here to ensure we close out the season with a bang!

Created by Jessica H. Voice

Launching our list with MURAL JAM, dive into the world of Shino, a budding street artist navigating dreams and challenges, crafted by the talented Jessica H. Voice.

A few words from Jessica:

“Jessica H. Voice is an American manga artist who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2015 she debuted her ongoing manga webseries, Love Metal. As of June of this year, Jessica started working as an inking assistant for Saturday AM’s Titan King.”



Created by pck.

Up next is OLYMPUS. Envision a world where superpowers are the norm and high-stakes battles are the sport of choice. Can Shin Tae-Won rise against the odds and claim victory?

Creator pck. shares:

“pck is a writer based in the US. They created the indie audio drama I Found a Wormhole and have written for various comic publishers and production companies. They like rainy days, cats, and Oreo milkshakes.”


Created by Tomer Calacuda

COSMIC FIRE beckons readers into a tale of horror and romance. Watch as a simple love confession leads to a harrowing discovery, all under the deft touch of Tomer Calacuda.

Tomer’s insights:

“I’m a storyteller and artist making comics. My work often deals with LGBT+ themes and isn’t billionaire-friendly. I have a background in videogame illustration, design, and writing.”



Created by Ferzog

Venture into a post-apocalyptic journey with FANDOOM. Inés’s life takes an unexpected turn with a unique discovery, and the quest that ensues promises action and suspense.

Ferzog has this to share:

“If like me you enjoy high-speed chases and characters with a shady past then this one-shot is for you!”



Created by Rovaine A. Beckford

Brace yourself for some spectral shenanigans with (PARA)NORMAL SHIFT. Robin and Kasper’s encounters at “Ghost Town” offer a delightful blend of humor and spook.

Rovaine shares:

“My main goal as a writer is to evoke different emotions out of the reader. I hope this time around I made you smile or even laugh!”




Created by Luke “Goji” Luftschei

Dive into the magical battleground with CUTIE WISHES PILEDRIVER. Experience a magical showdown that’s as intense as it is enchanting, brought to life by Luke.

Luke’s take:

“Luke grew up watching a mix of shoujo and shonen battle anime. Their favorite Mew Mew is Mew Mint. Don’t even ask them about their weird crush on Frieza!”



Created by Jade

Journey through realms of deceit and camaraderie with THE AMETHYST SOUL. Captain Corbin Egnis’s quest unveils shocking truths and mysterious alliances, masterfully crafted by Jade.

Jade’s perspective:

“I like to go by the pen name Jade. I have a love of fantasy and mythology. Creating new worlds and concepts is something I never get tired of.”



Created by eliushi

Lastly we have MEMORIES: NO RESERVATIONS. Explore a unique realm where the mundane meets the divine in the yet-to-be-titled piece by eliushi. Mishan’s challenges in a restaurant between realms promise intrigue and wonder.

Eli’s thoughts:

“Eli was born in Taiwan, and is currently based in BC, Canada. As a first-generation immigrant and cancer survivor, their stories revolve around lost identities and invisible disabilities.”



As the curtain draws on Summer of Manga 2023, this collection promises a journey through diverse worlds and emotions. Check out both issues that feature these amazing talents:



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