The Return of Titan King – Volume 2: The Flame Princess

Guess what’s rumbling on the horizon? That’s right, fans! Tony Dawkins delivers again with the highly anticipated second volume of his hit series, Titan King.

In this sequel, our fiery Honduran teenager, Eli Santos, joins forces with his intergalactic buddies, Banaya and Xelio, in a race against time. Their mission? Find the enigmatic Flame Princess, the only one who can heal their ally, Calder. But with the looming Titan King Tournament, the clock is ticking!

The Story Thus Far

For those new to the story, Eli’s journey isn’t your typical teenage drama. Imagine being snatched from the perils of Earth, only to discover you’re chosen for a cosmic tournament with the fate of trillions at stake! Eli finds himself saddled with Rexleo, one of the most formidable Titans, and the duo must learn to cooperate if they’re to stand a chance. With the nefarious Malicidae empire eyeing victory and their cunning Prince Akilio plotting against our heroes, Eli’s resilience and indomitable spirit will be tested like never before.

In Titan King, Volume 2: The Flame Princess, the stakes have never been higher. With time running out, will Eli, Rexleo, and their team convince Blair, the Pyromancer, to save Calder? And can they withstand the immense challenges of the Titan tournament?

Packed with riveting characters and pulse-pounding action, Titan King promises a sci-fi thrill ride perfect for fans young and old. Prepare to be blown away by Volume 2! Don’t miss out!

Behind the Pages: Challenges and Triumphs of Writing Volume 2

We recently had the opportunity to sit with the imaginative mind behind the popular Titan King series, Tony Dawkins. Here’s what he shared about his journey, the challenges of writing a sequel, and a sneak peek into what’s next.

Antagonist Development: Crafting a memorable antagonist can be just as challenging as creating a hero. What’s your philosophy on developing villains like Prince Akilio? How do you avoid the pitfall of creating a one-dimensional villain?

“developing villains can be tricky depending on what purpose they serve in the story. You want them to be evil and someone the reader loves to hate but you also want their motivations to help the reader see just how far they’ve fallen. Adding dimensions to characters really are just adding nuances to the character that make them more complex and intriguing. I personally like to add quirks or incorruptible values that make the character unique.”

Challenges of Sequel Writing: After the success of the first volume, did you feel any pressure or challenges in writing the second installment? If so, how did you overcome them?

“Yes and no. I have a decent idea of where the story is going with wiggle room to change things as needed. That said I’m very receptive to what the audience is looking to see from Titan King and I do my best to deliver something that fans will find to be worth their time and more importantly be entertained by.”

Narrative Pacing: With a plot that moves at such a brisk pace, how do you ensure that character development doesn’t get overshadowed by the action? Any advice on balancing the two?

“That is something I definitely struggle with. With a select amount of pages to convey what you’d like you have to be smart. My best advice is finding a way to use the action scenes to simultaneously buttress the argument for their development.”

Behind the Scenes: Could you give us a glimpse into your creative process? How did you map out the intricate details of this expansive universe?

“While I sketch most of my ideas on paper all the official artwork is done digitally, typically clip studio. As for the universe of Titan king it just kind of develops naturally. With every question answered about the world, it becomes that much realer of a place. I love developing the cultures looks and relationships within the story.”

Future Visions: Without giving away any spoilers, can you tease a bit about what readers might expect in the next volume of Titan King?

“The next volume expect to see a lot closer of a look at the worlds, contestants and their place in the Stellar Alliance. Also, the ending of this tournament will be something that shocks everyone.”

Fans of action packed adventures, and monsters clash in epic brawls and the future of galaxies hang in the balance, Titan King Volume 2 is a must-read!

Dive into this intergalactic rollercoaster and get your copy RIGHT HERE. Don’t miss out!

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