The Time Skip We’ve Been Waiting For: Unraveling ‘Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Hold onto your seats, manga fans! The much-anticipated time skip in Boruto has arrived, now titled as BORUTO: TWO BLUE VORTEX This new arc picks up three years post the thrilling events of BORUTO: THE NEXT GENERATIONS chapter 80. But, brace yourselves: Proceed with caution: Spoilers Ahead!

Imagine the shock when Naruto and Hinata are whisked away to another dimension by Kawaki, supposedly for safety. Eida, totally in the dark about Kawaki’s real intent, unlocks her new omnipotence powers, reshaping the memories of Leaf Village’s inhabitants. Suddenly, everyone’s convinced that Kawaki is Naruto and Hinata’s genuine offspring, while Boruto stands accused of their horrifying murders.


Interestingly, just as they were resistant to her charm, Sadara and Sumire appear unaffected by Eida’s newfound omnipotence jutsu. Even as Shikamaru shouts for Boruto’s capture, Sadara pushes Sasuke to help Boruto flee. Initially skeptical, he chooses to trust Sadara’s judgment and assists Boruto.

Character Glow-ups & Plot Twists

Three years on, Leaf Village remains ensnared by Eida’s Jutsu. Sadara, ever-determined, strives to convince the rest, including Hokage Shikamaru, to give Boruto a fair shot at proving himself innocent. Her efforts, for now, seem futile. But oh, the glow-ups! Our young ninjas, especially Sadara, Kawaki, and Himawari, have transformed. Sadara flaunts a chic streetwear vibe, Kawaki rocks a new trench coat with his emblem, and Himawari? She’s Hinata’s spitting image! – That’s just to name a few!

Tension grips the village as Boruto remains elusive. As claw marks appear around town, it’s clear Code’s lurking. His crafty strategy? Use a resident to unleash a monster attack, aiming to draw out Boruto.

The Grand Return of Boruto

Code’s ploy hits the mark. After a three-year absence, Boruto dives into action, landing smack on Code and quipping, “It’s that kind of twisted thinking that gives girls the creeps.” Our hero’s new look? Total Sasuke vibes! Sporting predominantly black gear and a red-and-black cloak, Boruto brandishes a sword much like Sasuke’s katana.

This explosive comeback concludes the chapter, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. Talk about a kickstart to the series! We can’t wait to uncover what’s next.

Where can you read the Chapter?

Dive into chapter 01 of BORUTO: TWO BLUE VORTEX and its official translation HERE at Viz or Manga Plus Share your thoughts! And if you want to get your Shonen fix, don’t forget to explore our exciting Graphic Novels LINKED BELOW!

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