Y’know we make comics right?

Of course you do!

SAIGAMI by Andrea Otilia Voros adorns the cover for our LATEST ISSUE!

Many of you have joined us across our 53 issue revolution of bringing more DIVERSITY to the manga webcomic scene! And why shouldn’t you? We offer EXCLUSIVE shonen comics from creators like Whyt Manga, Andrea Otilia Voros and Raymond Brown and we feature hit series like APPLE BLACK, CLOCK STRIKER and more! All of that within 20 issues of bi-weekly manga action for as low as $5/yr!!

This is not one but IS the BEST. DEAL. IN. COMICS. 

But, if you just subscribed it would cost you $100 or so just to get the previous 49 issues. We try to fix this by offering SEASON PACKS that collect five issues at a time. We are NOW approaching our latest season packs which would collect issues 40-60 (end of 2016) and we wanted to try something a little different to both bring attention to these great bundles and engage our amazing fanbase.

So we thought– how about a little contest?

Draw us an original character or one of our characters wearing regular clothes with either a Saturday AM t-shirt or hat and/or Saturday AM issue in their hands looking super excited (why would they look anything BUT PUMPED!) and have a chance to win ALL of our issues from 1-60.

Let us repeat that — DRAW THE ULTIMATE FAN of Saturday AM and we’ll give you the ULTIMATE SATURDAY AM collection!



  1. CREATE an Ultimate Saturday AM fan image

  2. IMAGE must be HI-RES (300dpi) 1080px x 1080px inked and in full color.

  3. “FAN” must be an original character or one of our Saturday AM’s main characters (see above) but wearing street clothes with blank t-shirts and/or hat (which will have the Saturday AM logo or foot icon added by us) or holding a Saturday AM branded magazine.

  4. Submissions must include your image as described above and a .txt file with your FULL NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS and AGE.

  5. ALL submissions must be uploaded to DROPBOX under folder named “ULTIMATE FAN 2016”

  6. SHARE the Dropbox folder to us at info@saturday-am.com by 11:59pm EST 09/15/2016.


We will select the 4 best images and use them in future season pack covers.

The winner will immediately receive Season Packs 1-8 and then will receive 9-12 (collecting issues 41-60) by Dec. 31st, 2016.

Need a refresher on what those issues LOOKED LIKE?

Peep the video:




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