Unveiling an Unforgettable Manga Experience: Legend and MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC Join Forces!

Saturday AM has been revolutionizing the manga world since 2013. Their diverse and enthralling Manga-inspired comics have captured the imaginations of fans worldwide, delivering exceptional storytelling, unforgettable characters, and jaw-dropping artwork.

But get ready, because the excitement is about to reach a whole new level! In an unprecedented collaboration, Saturday AM and Legend are teaming up to create an immersive manga experience like never before. And trust me, it’s going to be mind-blowing!

Picture this: delving into the pages of your favorite Saturday AM manga and experiencing your beloved characters coming to life through fresh new voices. That’s right! Brace yourself for an auditory feast as you dive into the world of manga, accompanied by captivating audio enhancements.

Through the Legend entertainment platform, our mission is to ensure that every fan feels the thrill of an inclusive and accessible experience. We want to ignite your excitement and foster a deep connection with the diverse characters and captivating narratives that have made Saturday AM an unstoppable force.

STAY TUNED! for the grand reveal of the very first Saturday AM branded manga titles, now enhanced with full-character audio on the Legend platform.

Get ready for an epic adventure, folks. It’s going to be extraordinary!

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