Veronica Mars…Finally!

My LOVE of all things ‘Veronica Mars’ culminated this past Friday (and continued throughout the weekend) when I SAW THE MOVIE!

It wasn’t a BIG PRODUCTION or anything…I mean, I traveled to my local (not really…but it IS the closest) AMC theater to see the movie that I have been pining for the past year. The theater was sold out for what seemed like all showings for the day; I even had to wait in a roped line in the lobby for showing to let out and theater cleaned. As the fans, decked out in shirts, piled out there were smiles and thumbs up all around. The excitement was palpable as the previews drug on and on, until Kristen Bell’s face came on screen and the iconic voice over began.

I am not going to shy away from the fact that I am a super fan. I watched Veronica Mars as it originally aired on UPN then The CW and would share it with anyone that would listen. I got my sister to watch, two coworkers, and four new friends my freshman year in college. Veronica Mars was then and continues to reign as my second favorite TV show ever—behind BtVS. The Kickstarter campaign and national attention only helped me convince others the genius of Rob Thomas, KBell, and Veronica Mars. For those who are not aware of the show, the first 3 minutes of the movie are a recap for any newbie. The recap doesn’t cover ALL of the relationships and drama, but it hits on all of the information needed to follow the plot and characters included in the film. There are also tons of little easter eggs for fans of the show to notice. 

The movie takes place nine years after the show ended abruptly—cancelled—after season 3. Veronica has moved out of Neptune, CA and is now moments away from joining a hot shot New York law firm; she has gone from private investigator to lawyer. The biggest revelation is she has been dating Piz, a quick college romance, for the past year and hasn’t seen Logan, her epic bad boy love, since leaving Neptune. Of course there would be no movie if things continued this way, but Veronica hears on the news an old high school classmate has been murdered and Logan is the prime suspect; Logan calls, asks for her help, and she is pulled back in. A return to Neptune also coincides with her 10 year high school reunion, which allows for past characters to return. Veronica continues to bring the sass and banters effortlessly with Wallace, Mac, Dick, Gia, Weevil, Leo, Madison, Corny, and Keith—the best TV dad ever! 

It was a fan’s dream film, but I wanted more…selfishly. To be honest, there definitely wasn’t enough case aid including Wallace, Mac, and Keith, but (spoiler) it was set up that these characters would play a bigger role in a sequel. It took a few moments to get past the weirdness of watching on the big screen something I was used to viewing on a small screen—a unreal feeling. Also, the stories and characters lend themselves so perfectly to episodic work that I wanted more—another case, another quip, another something—after the credits began. There are awesome cameos and interesting new characters. Gaby Hoffmann surprises as a devilishly intriguing new character within the Neptune universe. Trying to make a perfect fan movie by cramming in the recognizable faces and nods did cause some of the story to suffer or become too fast paced. At 107 minutes, the film could have been longer and fixed the packed in aspect, but it’s a backhanded complaint. I don’t think the movie is quite as accessible to new watchers as desired but not incomprehensible in the least. 

As a backer, I also received a digital copy of the film through Flixster/Ultraviolet, which I watched on Saturday. I was lucky enough to have zero problems accessing the film unlike what some backers are reporting. The movie was just as entertaining and grin inducing the second time around. After raising $5,702,153 through Kickstarter from 91,585 backers, the film made $2 million dollars this weekend. For a more history making, unprecedented release, Veronica Mars was also released for digital download across pretty much all platforms on Friday, as well. Since digital copy data is not revealed, it is unknown how much the movie actually made on its opening weekend, but Warner Bros should be happy and surprised by $2 million; they didn’t even want to make the movie in the first place. 

A term for Veronica Mars fans from a reference in Episode 1

A term for Veronica Mars fans from a reference in Episode 1

I won’t reveal the ending of the film or who Veronica chose, but I am a satisfied and excited marshmallow.

Rob Thomas has said there is a number to start conversations regarding a sequel but hasn’t revealed what that number is. I actually think Veronica Mars would continue best through a Netflix type platform a la Arrested Development. A continuation of sorts is on the horizon. A spin off web series featuring Dick has been announced and a Veronica Mars novel comes out on March 25. I LOVED the movie! It was smart; sassy; heart pounding and epic. Rob Thomas pleased this fan and Kristen Bell brought back the P.I. I’ve been missing for nearly a decade. Please don’t wait another seven years to put these characters on screen!

By Kasey Michael-a lover of all things entertainment. Born and bred in North Carolina, she has a degree in Film Studies and can usually be found in front of a screen.

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