WEBTOON and QUARTO Collaborate for How to Draw and Coloring Books!

Exciting news for comic enthusiasts and aspiring artists! Walter Foster Publishing, of The Quarto Group, in collaboration with WEBTOON, is set to release an officially licensed How to Draw book series and coloring books starting in Spring 2024.

Our founder and CEO Frederick L. Jones had this to say about the recent announcement:

“Super excited for our partners at The Quarto Group and our friends at WEBTOON! We have tremendious appreciation for both of these companies and excited to be apart of a larger family together!  Can’t wait to buy these! And maybe a SATURDAY AM line (via my company MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC ) will be released as well via Quarto ;)”


These books will offer readers an exclusive look into the art, creative process, and character designs from popular WEBTOON series. The first releases, including The Art of Boyfriends and The Art of Morgana and Oz, will debut in April 2024, followed by other exciting titles like The Art of Hooky and The Art of True Beauty. Each book will feature a QR code on the front cover, providing direct access to the corresponding webcomic series on WEBTOON.

This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for fans to dive deeper into their favorite comics and for aspiring artists to enhance their skills. The partnership between WEBTOON’s storytelling community, which embraces diverse creators and worlds, and Quarto’s commitment to publishing diverse manga-inspired graphic novels, such as their collaboration with Saturday AM in June 2022, further emphasizes the shared vision of bringing compelling stories to readers.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration, which combines the innovative storytelling platform of WEBTOON with the instructional expertise of Walter Foster Publishing. For further information, please contact Mel Schuit, Marketing Manager for The Quarto Group. Likewise, you can read the full article/press release right HERE.

Also don’t forget to check out HOW TO DRAW DIVERSE MANGA, our very first how to draw book! Featuring Saturday AM’s most popular artists, who themselves represent racial identities, ethnicities, and cultures from all over the world as well as diverse gender identities.


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