What Does It Take To Join Saturday AM? ft CEO Frederick L. Jones

You all wanted to know the answer to million dollar question that’s been asked since the start of Saturday AM.

“How do I join Saturday AM?”

Let me nip this in the bud quickly, we are not a social club you can’t get an admission ticket to and just have a free for all. We are a business, we conduct ourselves accordingly. We are also a family, we are all different in our beliefs and views but we all come together. We aren’t some random Reddit forum, we are an organization with core values and a mission.

So I did you all a favor, yes thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind. *Jay-z voice* I got a hold of the man behind Saturday AM, Frederick L. Jones. It was like looking for a black cat in a dark alley but I’ve got the answers!

Let’s dive right into the void.


With a keen eye like yours, what qualities do you look for in someone looking to be a part of Saturday AM?

Frederick: Ah! Well, 1st of all, thank you for commenting on my keen eye. I don’t think it gets nearly enough attention. It’s brilliant, and one imagines that people possibly would see it as ‘celestial’ more than mere ‘keen.’

But…what was your question?


Yes! Qualities of individuals who seek to be a part of Saturday AM?

There is no set formula for any successful individual. Still, since I have had the benefit (some would say, misfortune) of working in corporate America, I can offer insight into what typically works.


This one is simpler than it sounds. The key is that professional people don’t wear suits or have expensive outfits or the newest computers and mobile devices. What professional people do is that they are ON TIME, RELIABLE, and RESPECTFUL.

Being on time is simple and only requires two things: organization and communication. Using your phone, computer, or even a simple paper CALENDAR means you will never mistake a critical date. The key word is USING, though, as many people have a calendar and never use it to record dates and keep track of things that are due. Likewise, if you’re not regularly communicating with your partners (artists, writers, editors, designers, publishers), then changes that affect the timeline can be easily missed.

Being reliable is not as simple but is quite understandable. If you say you’ll do something or will have it done by a specific time — then you do that. Pretty simple, see? Comics are like anything else- whether a team or a solo act- your word is your bond and inspires people to SUPPORT you. If the customers do not feel you can deliver content on a schedule or your Publisher (including editorial, design, etc.), they will not follow you or your works for long.

Finally, being respectful means that you communicate effectively and politely. Like many people on social media, young creators must be careful not to come across as cocky and disrespectful because they worry more about the fans who click a like for FREE versus the more serious partners and customers who appreciate creativity by spending money. Remember, this is business, and any company or brand (including Saturday AM) will focus on telling great stories and succeeding. Respectful conversation showcases an artist’s seriousness about building a strong community and even more substantial business partnerships.

Why is there this conception that making comics is “easy”?

Frederick: Well, because in our modern times, making comics IS EASY!

Think of it this way, when I was a kid in the 80s — you had to go through MANY STEPS even to make a comic book. There were no AI art programs; if you couldn’t draw, you had to find a friend or hope you had an associate who could draw well. That meant buying them pizza, paying them, or trading your favorite Nintendo game and comic book.

There was no website where you could upload your creativity ala Instagram, Webtoon, or Saturday AM. You had to PAY ACTUAL MONEY to PRINT a COMICBOOK. Otherwise, you couldn’t show your work to a potential industry insider.

Finally, there were no social media, and thus you’d have to DRIVE (or catch a ride with a friend or mom and dad) to a CONVENTION (which were much fewer than there are today) and HOPE that a Marvel or DC comics editor was at the show or an artist who would look at your work and potentially get your phone number or physical address to reach out.

In other words, to make a comic book when you were growing up in the 70s, ’80s, and 90’s, you had to WANT IT and be business-minded since none of this stuff was cheap.

Today is MUCH EASIER to get into comics, and as a result, this is leading to a false sense of complacency. As I said earlier, having many followers on Instagram does not mean you have a lot of fans. Fans buy your work. Many young creators get confused by this and forget that you have to move people.

That bout sums it up folks! Until next time!

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  1. Hi my name is Logan Augugliaro I’m writer and content creator on YouTube known as Gdrg I’m working on manga series and wanted know what process might be to get published by sat am look forward to speaking with you potentially teaming up .

  2. Hello my name is Rodrigo Díaz Huerta, I am a mexican manga artist and I would love to work with you, currently I want to become a proffesional mangaka and I believe that working in your editorial is the way to achieve that goal at the moment I have two one shots published in the manga plus creators page and also I have been published previously I have been published in independent manga magizene in mexico.
    I have had experience as an assistant to a professional mangaka like Daromeon artist of the Kengan ashura manga, i had also submited some works in the shounen jump where i was abble to apply for one of their monthly contest.
    I hope we can work together and i prommise i will deliver always the 100 percent of myself and make the best manga posible.
    I thank you for the attention and i hope to recieve your earlier answer.

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