WHO’S NEXT? Test Flight Rules for July


Our next batch of new #manga concepts and creators comes together this August when we return with new SATURDAY PLUS!

Saturday PLUS, the sister publication and manga anthology to Saturday AM that focuses on original manga webcomics from fresh, new talent! Our original run of Saturday PLUS proved incredibly successful as we launched with four potential series only to have two actually go through the grueling process completely and are now set to be launched as OFFICIAL SERIES within the Saturday AM/ Afternoon WEB-X brands.

ISLANDERS by Leonado Massip debuted within TEST FLIGHT and then ran inside of Saturday PLUS before moving to Saturday AM (read Issue #27)

COMET MAN by Frederick Ward debuted within our very first TEST FLIGHT and then ran inside of Saturday PLUS before moving to Afternoon Web-X (begins July 7th, 2015)

Make no mistake — TEST FLIGHTS are a breeze compared to Saturday PLUS! To be inside of Saturday PLUS is grueling — as it perfectly simulates the Saturday AM experience! That means professional communication, truly original stories that can build a readership and meeting deadlines (that last one deserves to have a musical cue from John Williams Star Wars score). Several folks will try to do a run within Saturday PLUS or wish to be inside of Saturday AM (i.e. without any trial period 馃槈 but as we see time and time again (and as EVERY OTHER WEBCOMIC SITE demonstrates) most webcomics do NOT actually finish much less continues beyond chapter 1.

That being said to even try be in PLUS via our monthly competition, TEST FLIGHT  — you need to be in PILOT Manga group.

Request membership here if you are not and then apply for THIS JULY TEST FLIGHT (rules below) because …. this is it!

We’re looking to lock-down our final placements within the next run of  SATURDAY PLUS and that means it’s time for NEW RULES!!!!

  1. 1 cover image mock-up for your first Saturday Tank

  2. 3 pg Sequential art detailing an outdoor scene between you main character and the villain and/or supporting character

  3. 2 pg sequential art detailing an indoor scene between your main character and the supporting character.

  4. 1 banner ad (728 x 90) that markets your manga webcomic (must include copy)

  5. Your PITCH may NOT include Naruto, One Piece, Final Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts, Hunter X Hunter nor Dragonball

  6. One page .txt document that includes a synopsis (5 sentences maximum) that details your series concept; character profile (4 sentences maximum per character) for your hero, villain and supporting character and a 5 sentence description of the first chapter of your manga.

  7. 2 Character turnarounds—choose your most unique characters (does not have to include main character)

  8. 1 piece of fan art of your character and a character from Saturday AM or Afternoon Web-X.

  9. Answer following questions: 

    1. What is the weakest part of your comic idea?

    2. Why do you think your manga webcomic will succeed whereas so many Test Flights have failed to progress?

    3. What part of your comic stands out from other webcomics?

    4. What are/ were your influences in creating comics?

  10. Acceptable formats are .jpg .pdf and .txt only

  11. Work must be uploaded into a folder called “Your Name July Test Fight 2015” on Dropbox.

  12. Dropbox folders for submissions must be shared to info@saturday-am.com by 11:59pm EST on July 15th, 2015

There will be prizes!!

Remember to discuss this on the FORUMS!

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