Why is AI Art So Controversial?

Put on your boxing gloves people cause it’s about to be a fight night! Or what my dad would say,

“There’s about to be some furniture moving up in this piece!” 

Midjourney AI generated art

Yes, we are talking about AI Art. Specifically, art made by a computer. Now why does this topic draw out so much blood and anger? Well, I’m here to explain.

Taking a snippet from Google AI: “is a creative tool that works with algorithms to set up specific rules which machines analyze thousands of images to comprehend a particular creation process or aesthetic.

So why is this so controversial? To get to the point, those thousands of images the computer is analyzing are thousands of other artists’ work. You know the people who took a plus amount of years developing their art styles, earning their names, and living off their talent. Art is already devalued in all forms; this phenomenon doesn’t help the fact. I’m a developing artist myself and I don’t agree with AI art being more valuable than what a human can do. It’s not innovative. It’s generic. 

We at Saturday AM have a star-stellar team of talented artists, might I add they’re made of flesh and bone? We wanted to know their opinions about AI art. Will they change careers due to AI or stand up against it? Let’s find out!


(Creator of Apple Black) Odunze Oguoguo: “So far, Man-made art will remain more valuable to man.” 


(Creator of Henshin) Mitch Proctor: “It’s basically glorified collages, scraping the Internet for actual creative work, and should be thought of as plagiarism software. 

It can not think or truly create and as much as AI bros like to think coming up with the perfect prompt for the software is hard work, it isn’t. It’s trial and error. Also, the same prompt used multiple times will result in different “art”, which isn’t exactly indicative of a consistent output. 

Also, the argument that it is “democratizing art” for folks who can’t draw is ridiculous. Art is the most accessible thing in the world. You don’t need any software or special equipment. Just grab a pencil and some paper. Use chalk and a wall. Paint and the back of a cereal box. 

If you wanna make art, you make it. If you wanna get better, you practice. No hidden knowledge or artists is gatekeeping. Most artists are happy to share knowledge. 

It’s short-term thinking that ultimately devalues our craft and makes what is already a difficult career choice more difficult.”

Frank Simmonds: “We’ve certainly had our share of war and disputes throughout history, but many things that turn into great memorable celebrations we remember happily come from the arts. All the movies, all the music, all the books, manga itself. What are you losing when you subtract humans? The story of how these things get made and the memory of the lives of those who made them might get less important. Like our company, how many people all over the world come together for it? That doesn’t mean AI can’t have a practical use, but I still want my signature to go on my art for a reason. I’m also a person standing with technique and all the hours spent to make and learn that piece.”


Jackie Rinde: 

“I don’t think AI is a bad thing. It’s only a tool. But I don’t think we should let AI make art for us. Just use it as a muse.”


(Creator of Yellow Stringer) Goeffrey Jean-Louis: 

“I think that AI art is something that can be fun for people who can’t draw but have a specific vision but shouldn’t be used commercially. Using it for inspiration for your book or to maybe explain to another artist what you are looking for is fine but it should stop there.”


Eddy Frye: “It is what it is. It’s disrespectful to use it to recreate or make new art of dead artists though. So to each their own I suppose. I’ma keep my eye on it, but I’m not threatened by it. A tool is only as useful as the person using it. If your stuff’s lackluster, a fancy image won’t make it any better.”


You can’t beat us all up for our opposing opinions! Art has always been put on the back burner since forever, yet it’s all around us. Life imitates art. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in your art career, a machine cannot replace you. We’ve all seen iRobot, right? It’s not that extreme but we need to protest against it. Don’t agree with us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


Until next time folks!


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