Whyt Manga addresses Twitter hate and what manga is

A few weeks back Whyt posted a video in response to a lot of hate spreading around the internet about Clock Striker, not being “real manga” and it has garnered a lot of attention. the video is currently sitting at just over  250k views.

In this video, Whyt discusses the importance of REPRESENTATION and DIVERSITY in manga, and the reaction to his tweet about Saturday AM’s series “Clock Striker,” which features a Black female protagonist.

Whyt addresses criticism and misconceptions about the definition and distinction between manga and comics, and the limited representation of Black and disabled characters in mainstream Shonen manga. He also mention the success and positive reception of “Clock Striker,” including its ranking on Amazon and praise from international readers. The speaker advocates for more diverse representation in media and encourages viewers to support creators and stories that reflect and represent a wider range of experiences. Check out the full video below


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