Whyt Manga x Barnes & Noble Book Signing!

We are back with more Saturday AM News! Whyt Manga had a book signing this past week at Barnes & Noble in Arlington, TX. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the man exists, he’s not a myth or folklore. He walks among us. I told you we will becoming for everyone, each step we take we are growing stronger as a brand. This is only one of many book signings from Saturday AM.

Anyways! We wanted to know Whyt’s experience with his first-ever bookstore signing in his town! Being the upcoming superstar that he is, we knew it was nerve-wracking but here’s Whyt’s experience:

I had done a few book signings at a few conventions this year for my manga Apple Black, but this was the first at a book store, and I did not know what to expect. Luckily some supporters arrived with their already purchased copies for me to sign, along with questions they had ranging from advice to create work themselves to ones related to my series. I also met new manga readers curious about the series and purchased a signed copy for themselves, their kids, and more. I’m thrilled with how things turned out. Other Saturday AM books available at the store were also purchased, and even our How to Draw Diverse Manga book sold out. This Barnes and Noble store were pleased with the event and very open to more signings in the future, like for Apple Black Volume 2. I enjoyed my time there and thought things went better than expected.

Stay tuned ladies and gents, we will be back with more!


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