Whyt Manga x The Magical Girl’s Guide To Life Podcast

More good news from your favorite juggernaut brand!

Whyt Manga sat down with Jacque Aye creator and author of The Magical Girl Guide to Life Book/Podcast to discuss men’s mental health, male pod-casters, and more! A little background about the podcast, a fairly new development yet  it’s a curated safe space to discuss mental health, self care, and cute things!

Simply magical! I can taste the glitter from here! Nonetheless, we stalked Whyt Manga to get an insight on his experience as the first male guest on the show. Here’s what Whyt had to say:

“My experience on The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life podcast with Jacque Aye was enjoyable. We had a fun, playful, and honest discussion about the rise of podcasts on social media dealing with the dynamics between men and women today. We also covered lighter topics like anime, manga, and geek culture. I was honored to be the first dude to grace the guest list for her podcast.

Jacque is one of the girliest girls I’ve met in the best ways possible. The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life podcast reflects her bubbly personality and her mind with the many valuable things she has to say and offer on geekdom, all things pink, relationships, mental health, and more. She is a complete joy to talk to, and I recommend others to give her podcast a listen.”

What a magical experience! You can tune into the podcast here!

Until next time folks!

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